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Review Your Child Custody and Visitation Agreement Regularly

After a couple spends months, or years, in and out of court establishing a custody and visitation agreement, the last thing they imagine is changing it. Unfortunately, no matter how well a couple plans their co-parenting agreement and visitation schedule, eventually the schedule will no longer be feasible. Over the years as parents change jobs, […]

Telling a Former Spouse About a New Relationship

After a divorce is finalized and the family itself stabilizes, it is not unusual for each adult to begin dating other people. However, though dating is expected, the realities of the new situation are sometimes taken for granted. Dating new people means that mutual children are exposed to strangers and not all parents are comfortable […]

Advice for Handling your Ex-Spouse’s Remarriage

The number of previously divorced adults in the United States getting remarried is on the rise. While on a psychological and emotional level you may be prepared for your former spouse to get married again, the actual physical arrangements could be more stressful than you imagined. If your former spouse is planning an elaborate wedding […]

Post-Divorce Medical Coverage for Children

Throughout a marriage, is normal for one spouse to apply for health coverage that is utilized for both partners and their children. Once a couple decides to get a divorce, they must work together to determine child custody, visitation, child support obligations, and which spouse will continue maintaining health insurance for the children. Since minor […]

Potential Problems When Child Support Ends

Child support is the amount of money non-custodial parents pay to help provide necessities for their children when they no longer live with them on a full-time basis. In January of 2007, Georgia changed its method of calculating child support payments. Prior to 2007, only the non-custodial parent’s income was taken into consideration, but after […]

When Visitation Disrupts Education

Visitation after a divorce or separation helps a non-custodial parent maintain a healthy bond with his or her child. Both parents work together to come up with the best arrangement possible for their individual circumstances. Though visitations are supposed to have the best interest of the child in mind, there are times when an existing […]

Handling Disputes Involving Children and Stepparents

While the marriage rate in the United States has steadily declined, the number of people getting remarried is on the rise. Approximately 40% of all marriages in the United States involve one person who was previously married. Approximately one fifth of all marriages in the country take place between two adults who were each previously […]

Commonly Overlooked Issues in Child Support and Custody Agreements

As the number of resources available to the public on the Internet increases, more adults attempt to handle their own divorces, custody agreements, and child support arrangements. Money conscious consumers are interested in saving money by taking advantage of inexpensive do it yourself divorce options. Though there are financial benefits to completing a contested divorce […]

Benefits of Using Child Support Enforcement

Under Georgia law, child support is determined using a formula that takes both parent’s incomes, child related expenses, and existing child support orders into account. Once an appropriate child support amount is agreed on and the judge hearing your case approves the agreement, the non-custodial parent is responsible for making payments in a timely manner. […]

Handling Late Alimony Payments

In 1980, provisions were made to allow alimony in Georgia if the court believed it was necessary. Alimony, a payment made after the divorce by one party to another, extends the period of time an adult has a duty to provide for his or her spouse. Under Georgia law, alimony payments are either permanent or […]

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