Monthly Archives: July 2018

Three Signs of an Internet Affair

Since the internet was established and home computers became more affordable, over 84% of the households in the United States now have a computer. Approximately 89% of all Americans use the Internet regularly, and this method of connecting with others has led to a large number of online affairs. The prevalence of these affairs had […]

Tips for Co-Parenting During a Divorce

Parenting a child during a divorce is difficult for both parents. Not only do both parents need to adjust to being a single parent, their child must get used to living in a household that no longer allows them constant access to both parents. Additionally, the parents must learn how to effectively co-parent even though […]

Why Spying on Your Spouse Could be a Bad Idea

A breakdown in communication and lack of trust are two reasons that marriages often break down to a point that divorce is inevitable. Unfortunately, technology has made it easier for couples to erode each other’s trust and further damage the relationship. Several apps and software program make spying on your spouse easier than ever, but […]

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