Monthly Archives: October 2018

Common Unexpected Financial Issues after a Divorce

Handling financial difficulties can be stressful under the best circumstances, but many people who are navigating the divorce process discover that it makes matters much more complicated. While there might be some issues that you anticipate encountering following a divorce, there are others that come unexpectedly. While the assistance of a seasoned divorce attorney can […]

Tips for Negotiating Alimony Settlements

Alimony is one of the most discussed topics when it comes to divorce. It is understandable that couples who are navigating the divorce process are hesitant to give one another money, but it is important to understand some of the important details about this process to understand how to anticipate the various issues that might […]

Common Questions Military Members Ask about Divorce

Military divorce cases often raise a number of complicated questions. In reality, there are some unique rules that must be followed when one or both spouses are military members. This article will address some of the most important questions that arise concerning military members and family law issues. If you have questions about your specific […]

Four Critical Issues During a Gray Divorce

No matter how old you are, divorce can be a particularly stressful time. While stressful times can impact anyone’s health, individuals who divorce at the age of 50 or older are at risk of experiencing significant health problems. The best way for older adults to combat the health dangers of divorce is to go into […]

Timing Issues When Divorce is Involved

If you are considering divorce, it is important to also consider the timing involved with ending your marriage. This article will discuss four of the important things that you should consider when deciding whether to divorce this year. In these situations, the assistance of a seasoned attorney can help you to determine how to best […]

Things to Know When a Spouse Threatens Divorce

While it might be a universal truth that all couples fight, when one spouse begins to use the threat of divorce in arguments, it is possible that you might end up facing larger issues than expected. It is common to feel overwhelmed and uncertain about how to proceed when a spouse mentions the possibility of […]

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