Monthly Archives: November 2018

Common Financial Mistakes Following Divorce

Life following divorce can be complicated, especially when the divorce occurs suddenly. Not only are many people emotionally unprepared for divorce, but some individuals are not financially prepared for the many challenges that can arise during a divorce. Fortunately, you are able to avoid some of the most substantial financial problems that can arise during […]

The Rights of Grandparents During a Georgia Divorce

During and after the divorce and separation process, children tend to be the ones who suffer the most. There are a number of studies that have been conducted over the years revealing just how traumatizing the effects of divorce can be on children. In an increasing number of situations, grandparents are assuming the role as […]

How Long Will the Divorce Process Take?

Understandably, many people in Georgia who are involved in the divorce process wants matters to conclude as fast as possible. Despite this desire for speed during what many people consider the most uncomfortable time in their life, it is also critical for people navigating the divorce process to avoid letting their urgency affect the quality […]

Retroactive Child Support in Georgia

There are some situations in which a father is not made aware that he has parental rights or responsibilities to a child. For example, a father might not learn that he is the biological parent to a child until many years after a child’s birth. Other times, an unwed father might be involved with a […]

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