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How to Tell People That You are Divorced

One of the first challenges that many people encounter during a divorce is how to inform the people around them. The thought of having to tell everyone you know one-on-one can be overwhelming. While you might be tempted to pretend that nothing has happened, eventually the people around you are likely to discover that you […]

Returning to Work After a Divorce

Many people discover that returning to work after a divorce is particularly overwhelming. In many situations, not only has a person’s entire life changed, sometimes a recent divorcee has not worked for several years or decades. It is common to feel intense and complicated emotions about readapting to the workforce. Fortunately, there are some helpful […]

Advice on Combining Finances in Blended Families

Statistics reveal that more than 50% of families in the United States are either remarried or re-coupled. Deciding to blend a family, however, is not without its challenge. One of the most common types of challenges faced by blended families involves finances. This situation can be made even more complex when two families are blended. […]

The Advantages of Establishing Paternity

There are a number of concerns that men have about establishing paternal rights after a child is born out of wedlock. Unfortunately, in the state of Georgia, a biological father in this situation does not have the same legal rights to a child until paternity is established. While there are some additional complications that can […]

The Danger of Cyberstalking During a Divorce

With the creation of social media maps and a number of other modern day pieces of technology, it has become particularly easy to do a number of things, which unfortunately includes cyberstalking. The act of cyberstalking refers to harassing someone through the use of any type of electronic feature including email and social media. While […]

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