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Common Divorce Myths

Divorce is a particularly emotional time for many people. The range of emotions that a person feels about divorce can be made even worse due to the numerous myths and inaccuracies that are told about divorce. To make the divorce process easier for people who are considering the process or who are currently navigating it, […]

Recognizing Common Predictors of Divorce

While it is true that no marriage is exactly the same as another, couples often also believe that there are a number of common reasons that people decide to divorce. Recent research performed by professors at the University of California, Berkley and The Gottman Institute reveals that many divorces can be predicted based on just […]

What are the Benefits of Open Adoption?

Adoption can be a difficult time for both adoptive and biological parents. There are a number of complex issues that arise during the process, particularly concerning the choice between closed and open adoption. Each of these types of adoption offers a unique set of advantages as well as potential shortcomings for interested parties. The following […]

Common Reasons Why People Find Divorce Advantageous

Divorce rates in the country are currently particularly high. While it might seem like divorce is never a good choice, there are actually a number of reasons why people find divorce beneficial. The following reviews some of the most cited reasons for getting a divorce.

Divorce Helps to Resolve Financial Obstacles

There are two primary approaches to […]

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