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How Divorce can Disrupt a Child’s Education

Education is one of the most critical element in the shaping of a child’s life. Not only is school a place where children form long-lasting bonds with friends, children mature and learn at these locations, as well. Unfortunately, if not properly handled, divorce has the potential to significantly disrupt a child’s education. Fortunately, a skilled […]

Filing as Head of Household Following a Divorce

There are a number of complex issues that a person must navigate following a divorce. One of these is taxes and what status a person will claim once the divorce is complete. While it offers several advantages, there are also important eligibility requirements to consider when filing as a head of household, particularly when compared […]

Recognizing the Signs Your Spouse is Cheating

It is difficult to determine how many marriages end as a result of adultery, but unfortunately, most data suggests that adultery occurs in surprisingly large numbers. While the discovery that a spouse is cheating on you can impact your entire life, it is a wise idea to learn about divorce as soon as possible so […]

Tips to Effectively Co-Parent After a Divorce

Deciding how to raise children with a former spouse can be particularly challenging. Unfortunately, there is not one universal solution to this problems, which means parents must determine for themselves what type of arrangement will work best. There are, however, several important steps that parents can take to effectively co-parent children together after a separation […]

How to Respond When a Spouse Makes Up Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic violence occurs at an alarming rate. The National Domestic Violence Hotline reports that an average of four individuals each minute are victims of rape and domestic violence. Unfortunately, it is also becoming a more common occurrence for one spouse to falsely accuse another spouse of domestic violence so that the accused spouse will be […]

Things You Should Know About Georgia Custody Evaluations

Divorce can be a frightening experience because there is a great amount of uncertainty involved. Some people are uncertain about what lies ahead, whether they can afford the process, and what will happen to their children. It can help to learn as much as possible about the child custody process. One of the most commonly […]

What You Should Know About Rule Nisi in Georgia

Each divorce in Georgia is unique. While some divorces are simple, others are quite complicated. In many cases, before resolving a divorce, hearings are often required to establish certain issues about the separation. It is common for couples who have children together or own joint property to attend temporary hearings. It helps greatly to understand […]

Tips on Refinancing a Mortgage After a Divorce

If you are considering a divorce and own a house, it is common to feel uncertain about what should be done in regards to ownership of the property. Not only is the house often the most valuable asset that a couple owns, in many cases both spouses have also secured ties with the surrounding neighborhood. […]

Reasons to Create a Prenuptial Agreement

If you are unfamiliar with prenuptial agreements, they are a type of contract for people seeking to get married that establishes rules for how both spouses will conduct themselves in case a divorce occurs. While prenuptial agreements were once thought of as something that only celebrities or the super wealthy used, today they are gaining […]

Surviving the Holiday Season as a New Divorcee

If you are recently divorced and are navigating the substantial changes to your life, it is common to be worried about how these issues will affect the upcoming holidays. While it is possible to find enjoyment in these activities, it is a good idea to approach the holidays with an understanding that things will never […]

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