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Is Your Spouse Spying on You?

Everyone has a right to privacy. Unfortunately, technology today has made it much easier for spouses to spy on one another. If you discover that your spouse is spying on you, it is common to feel as if your personal space has been invaded and your trust has been broken. If you have already begun […]

Divorce When a Spouse is Self-Employed

Each divorce comes with a unique set of challenges. In situations in which one or more spouse is self-employed, there are some substantial and distinct obstacles that couples tend to face. For people who are divorcing individuals that work for an employer, there is a common concern that a spouse is attempting to downplay how […]

Marrying a Foreign National

Wedding planning can be particularly challenging when a couple is from the same country, but can be made even more difficult if a person marries a foreign national who does not have U.S. citizenship. No matter if your future spouse has already or is about to immigrate to the United States, it is often a […]

Navigating Divorce Depositions

Some divorces require each spouse to proceed through a deposition. A deposition involves testimony that is provided to an opposing attorney out of court. During this testimony, you can expect to be sworn in and will be expected to tell the truth. Because information collected during testimonies will be used as evidence in court, it […]

Commonly Used Words in Family Law Cases

Divorce and other family law cases can be extremely complicated to navigate. These cases are handled in a family court and involve a distinct set of circumstances, which are often emotionally overwhelming. For this reason, ┬ámany people find it helpful to have the assistance of a skilled family law attorney when dealing with these sensitive […]

Ways to Prepare for Divorce

Divorce can be a particularly complicated process. There are numerous complicated subjects that arise during the dissolution of a marriage including child custody arrangements and property division. Before a person gets to these issues, however, it is important to understand how to best prepare for the stressful and complicated issues involved with divorce.

To do […]

Tips for Creating Parenting Plans for Young Children

When children are newborns or still very young, creating a parenting plan can be particularly difficult. While older children are often better prepared to handle the numerous changes accompanying divorce, younger children often have a much more difficult time understanding what is happening between their parents.

As a result, it is often much more challenging […]

Common Financial Mistakes Following Divorce

Life following divorce can be complicated, especially when the divorce occurs suddenly. Not only are many people emotionally unprepared for divorce, but some individuals are not financially prepared for the many challenges that can arise during a divorce. Fortunately, you are able to avoid some of the most substantial financial problems that can arise during […]

The Rights of Grandparents During a Georgia Divorce

During and after the divorce and separation process, children tend to be the ones who suffer the most. There are a number of studies that have been conducted over the years revealing just how traumatizing the effects of divorce can be on children. In an increasing number of situations, grandparents are assuming the role as […]

How Long Will the Divorce Process Take?

Understandably, many people in Georgia who are involved in the divorce process wants matters to conclude as fast as possible. Despite this desire for speed during what many people consider the most uncomfortable time in their life, it is also critical for people navigating the divorce process to avoid letting their urgency affect the quality […]

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