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What to Do if Support Payments are No Longer Affordable

Following a divorce, it is not unusual for one person to make support payments to a former spouse. The two common types of payments are maintenance (alimony) and child support payments. When determining if the payments are required, the court takes income, age of children, and length of marriage into account. If support payments are […]

Tips for Communicating with a New Stepparent

Once a divorce is finalized and custody is decided, it takes everyone some time to adjust to the new family dynamic. Adults must get used to running single parent households, while their children deal with shared parenting time. Initially everyone is so focused on managing one day at a time that the idea of one […]

Tips for Parenting Time Transitions

The period immediately following a divorce requires everyone to make adjustments. Formerly married adults must shift from the role of spouse to solely that of parent, while children must adjust to dealing with their parents individually. After living with their children on a full-time basis, a non-custodial parent is forced to get used to adhering […]

Communicating with in-Laws After a Divorce

Once a divorce is finalized most adults desire nothing more than the ability to move on with their lives. Putting the past relationship behind them so that they can move forward is how many adults cope with the end of their marriage. In a world in which the majority of people use social media, simply […]

Handling Visitation as Children Age

Deciding on a child custody agreement and fair parenting time arrangements is often time consuming and stressful. Both parents want to spend as much time as possible with the children, especially when they are young. Unfortunately, it is not unusual for the parents of small children to fail to plan for the changing needs of […]

Preparing for Child Support to End

Custodial parents in Georgia receiving child support typically receive payments until their child turns 18 or graduates from high school, depending upon the terms of the child custody agreement and support order. Though an extended period of child support may be granted in situations in which the child has a qualifying disability, the average support […]

Common Mistakes in Do it Yourself Divorce

Getting a divorce is a stressful process that is time consuming and often expensive. Adults who are concerned about the costs associated with a divorce often attempt to take money saving short cuts. The most common way divorcees save money is by handling the divorce themselves.  While there are numerous resources available for people who […]

Updating Legal Documents After a Divorce

During divorce most couples are focused on what they consider to be the most pressing issues. Property acquired throughout the marriage, child custody, and financial support are the things that are most discussed throughout a contested divorce. Once the divorce is finalized, adults focus on moving on with their lives while creating normalcy for their […]

Ways to Deal with Post Divorce Child Behavior Problems

Following a divorce, many children exhibit various types of behavioral problems. Some children become withdrawn while other children become disruptive in school and at home. Younger children may believe that they are to blame for the separation of their parents, and older children may blame one or both parents for the split. Regardless of the […]

Understanding a Contempt Action in Family Court

Contempt of court (often only referred to as contempt) is something that many people associate with doing something disrespectful or disruptive while physically in court. In family court contempt refers to any action done to deliberately violate a court order. Finding out that you are in contempt can often be surprising, but understanding what caused […]