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The Role of Ex Parte Divorces in the State of Georgia

A large number of individuals in the state of Georgia are unfamiliar with the terms of an “ex parte” divorce. The phrase “ex parte” refers to a legal proceeding that takes place on behalf of just one of the formerly married individuals. Despite the lack of participation by one spouse in the ex parte divorce, […]

How to Obtain an Alimony Modification in the State of Georgia

Alimony in the state of Georgia is not a requirement but can be awarded in appropriate situations. Similar to child support, alimony can be modified when necessary even after alimony has been granted. Individuals should understand some of the essential ways in which life decisions can impact the award of alimony and when alimony can […]

Is Your Spouse Hiding Assets?

If you are currently going through a Georgia divorce, or even if you believe that your spouse is considering divorce, there is a probability that your spouse is hiding marital assets that could significantly influence the outcome. In the event of these situations, it is essential to turn to the services of a knowledgeable Georgia […]

Temporary Protective Orders

A temporary protective order is one type of order that a judge can hear in cases of domestic violence. Only particular individuals, however, can request temporary protective orders. Applicable law in the state of Georgia requires that there be a family relationship of some sort between the parties and an act of family violence that […]

Divorce Mediation in Georgia

A divorce need not end with a nasty court battle that results in both parties financially and emotionally overwhelmed. Mediation is a highly effective alternative to more traditional divorce litigation. Many individuals in the state of Georgia, however, are unaware of exactly how the mediation process unfolds.

What the Mediation Process Involves

Courts have placed an emphasis […]

How a Divorce in Georgia Affects Taxes

Many people fail to appreciate how substantial a financial impact a divorce in Georgia can have. Individuals are often well advised to seek advice on how to handle any of the potential financial issues that might arise during the division of assets in divorce. Individuals should always remember that divorce will greatly impact one’s taxes […]

Types of Custody Arrangements in Georgia

Many parents in Georgia are aware that when a divorce or separation occurs, a determination of custody is required. Because both parents in a marriage have a right to custody, determinations regarding custody can be particularly difficult. In many cases, the primary caretaker of a child will automatically get sole custody in the case. Georgia […]

Imputed Income in Georgia

Many couples who have minor children in the state of Georgia and are in the process of separating must address the issue of child support. In many cases, one parent will have custody of the children and the other parent will pay child support. Even in situations involving joint or split custody, however, if one […]

Why Get a Prenuptial Agreement?

Over the past two decades, prenuptial agreements have become more popular for new couples. A prenup, as many call it, is a legally binding contract that a couple enters into prior to marriage. The contract is like an insurance policy in case the marriage ends in divorce. Most of the time, the prenup will divide […]

Planning a Divorce?

If you are planning to divorce your spouse, there are a few things that you should do before filing. January to March is the peak season for divorce in the United States, and if you plan to start fresh in the new year, there are some things to get in order before filing your divorce […]