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Common Financial Blunders During Separation

A period of legal separation immediately precedes many Georgia divorces. Even though both partners may remain in a house together once they suspend marital relations for the purpose of getting divorced, the separation begins. During the time before the divorce is filed, you and your spouse have a short window of time to prepare for […]

Three Things Your Divorce Attorney Really Wants to Tell You (But Can’t)

Each year over 800,000 couples get divorced throughout the United States. The majority of these couples seek the advice of an attorney at some point in their divorce process. Once an attorney is retained, he or she will give you legal advice, work on your behalf, and do everything possible to obtain a divorce settlement […]

Tips for Avoiding Costly Prenuptial Agreement Mistakes

The decision to utilize prenuptial agreements has increased over the past few decades. With a growing number of adults launching businesses and becoming financially stable prior to marriage, divorce attorneys have noticed a 63% increase in the number of couples who have valid agreements. Couples who marry older, have a large amount of debt prior […]

Benefits of a Prenuptial Agreement

Divorce is one of the most expensive and time consuming legal processes that most adults experience in their lifetimes. During the drawn out legal battles, couples who were previously united spend months arguing over property, financial assets, and child custody. One way to avoid some of the turmoil associated with a divorce is to create […]

Changes That May Affect Your Support Payments

Even though child support and maintenance payments (alimony) are court ordered, it is possible to modify either amount. The modification process requires a hearing and the party requesting the modification is required to submit proof to support his or her request. While not all reviews lead to modification, finding out that your former spouse is […]

Advice for Co-Parenting with Your Ex-Wife

After spending several months, or a few years, locked in a battle with an ex-wife over property, financial assets, and children, it is often hard to move on. However, once the divorce decree is official, a couple with minor children must work together to successfully co-parent their mutual children. Even though you do not need […]

How to Handle Falling Behind on Support Payments

Following a divorce or separation, it is not unusual for a non-custodial parent or primary income earner to find him or herself responsible for paying child support or spousal maintenance. These payments are meant to provide financially for children of the relationship or allow a former spouse the opportunity to transition from married life to […]

Reducing Expenses After a Divorce

In past decades, a traditional family was one that consisted of a single working parent while the other parent, typically the mother, stayed at home. Today, only 7% of households in the United States fit this traditional image, while the majority of households benefit from having two incomes. After years of living in a two-income […]

Financial Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Post-Divorce Life

Money is something that all adults worry about during a divorce. The reduced household income, being required to pay various types of support, and other concerns all impact a person’s divorce settlement planning. However, poor financial planning is something that plagues many adults after a divorce. Recognizing financial mistakes that could ruin your post-divorce life […]

How Divorce Impacts Retirement

Recent studies have shown that divorce is not something that only affects young people. Approximately one fourth of divorces that occur in the United States involve people who are over the age of 50. As an adult approaching retirement age considers divorce, he or she must understand how divorce impacts retirement accounts. Though younger adults […]