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Ways to Protect Marital Property Without Crossing the Line

Fighting over marital assets is not that unusual once a contested divorce picks up steam. Both parties want to protect their rights to joint property and neither party truly trusts the other spouse. Unfortunately, in an effort to protect your property and keep your spouse from absconding with valuable items, you may accidentally go overboard […]

Two Things You Should Never do After Receiving a Family Court Summons

When a family law related dispute advances to the point that legal action is necessary, one party will eventually receive a summons to appear in court. These documents are served by the sheriff, a private process server, or the opposing party themselves. Once the reality of the situation and the fact that you must now […]

Tips for Preparing for a Modification Hearing

An involuntary change in financial circumstances may create a situation that makes it difficult or impossible to pay court ordered support. Falling behind in either spousal support or child support can place a former spouse or noncustodial parent in a precarious legal position. Instead of continuing to fall behind while hoping for a miracle to […]

Why Your Child Might Not Want to Live With You

Disputes regarding the custody of minor children often add months to a contentious divorce. No parent wants to sacrifice the ability to spend time with his or her child, but unless shared parenting is an option both parties are interested in, eventually one will be granted primary custody. While the court ultimately makes its decision […]

Types of Investments Affected by Divorce

A contested divorce can quickly turn into one of the most expensive legal battles an adult engages in during his or her lifetime. Few people come out of their divorce unscathed and many spend years recovering emotionally as well as financially. Though most are prepared for the process of dividing various assets, some do not […]

Understanding Child Support Amnesty

Attitudes surrounding child support are rapidly changing as both state and federal lawmakers explore the negative impact child support can have familial relationships and personal financial growth. Studies have shown that even when a noncustodial parent is unable to pay the full amount of child support that the court has ordered, he or she is […]

What Should I do if My Ex Threatens Me?

Once a divorce or custody dispute is over, there may still be problems between you and your ex-partner. Anger over child support, spousal maintenance, property division, or custody rulings may leave your former partner with feelings of anger and resentment. Though these feelings usually become less pronounced over the years, initially, they may lead to […]

The Dangers of Not Disciplining Your Child During a Divorce

Behavioral problems during and after a divorce occur in children of all ages. While parents are often prepared to deal with these issues, not every parent knows what approach is best to take with his or her child. One option that can lead to problems later in life is deciding not to discipline your child. […]

Why Your Lawyer Needs to Communicate on Your Behalf

Communication is one of the most important parts of any family law case. Resolving a dispute over property divisions, custody, or support payments usually happens once all parties are able to talk and come to an agreement that is beneficial to everyone. Unfortunately, in certain scenarios, talking to the other party is not in your […]

Dealing with a Pending Settlement Award During a Divorce

The average couple going through a divorce only has to face the difficult task of dividing assets acquired during a marriage. Unfortunately, an already complicated situation can become even more problematic when one spouse is expecting to receive a settlement. Over the past few years, legal proceedings involving a pending settlement have started impacting divorce […]