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Tips to Follow for Successful Co-Parenting

Divorce can be challenging for children, but it is also extremely difficult for parents. One of the many challenges that parents face following a divorce is how to successfully co-parent a child, which includes managing finances related to care of the child. 

There are steps, however, that a parent can take to reduce the stress associated […]

Anticipating Common Challenges with Prenuptial Agreements

If you are considering getting married, you have likely received a lot of advice from your friends and family about how to approach this process. These suggestions can range from minor to major, but the advice that you choose to follow is ultimately up to you. 

One of the hotly debated issues relating to marriage is […]

Child Custody for Relocating Parents

Most often, the best option for a child of divorce is to have two parents who live within a reasonable distance of one another. Unfortunately, due to a number of factors, this is not always possible or realistic. 

For many separated parents, it becomes necessary to relocate several cities or states away due to a job, […]

Common Georgia Divorce Terms You Should Know

If you are new to the divorce process, it is common to feel overwhelmed with the number of new concepts and ideas that you must process. To make sure that your divorce reaches the best possible outcome, however, it is critical to understand what each of these processes involves. The following will review some of […]

Requesting Child Support Modification

Child support is a complex issue, which can be made even more complicated when the amount that a person must pay changes. There are a number of common misunderstandings surrounding child support payments and the modification of those court-ordered arrangements.

Most often these changes occur because one or both parent’s finances have changed as a result […]

Tips for Effectively Communicating With Your Divorce Lawyer

Effective communication is key in anything when multiple people are involved. When emotions and stress level runs high (as they commonly do during a divorce), it can be difficult to speak your thoughts clearly and listen patiently to the other side.

By making certain that you practice effective communication with your lawyer during this difficult time, […]

Navigating a Divorce Following a Job Loss

A 2016 Harvard study published in the American Sociological Review revealed that men who are not employed have a much greater risk of experience failure in their marriage as opposed to men who have jobs. Among men who were terminated from their positions, there is a 32% higher rate of divorce as compared to men […]

Termination of Spousal Support in Georgia

Spousal support is only granted in the case of some Georgia divorces. Family law courts most often grant these orders if former spouses have different financial means and could end up having a vastly different quality of life following a divorce. 

By granting support, courts can take steps to make sure that each former spouse transitions […]

Figuring Out What You Own (and Owe) in Divorce

The divorce process is complex, and there are a number of details that a person must keep in mind. 

One of the important steps that must be taken in preparation for divorce discussions is making a list of what you and your spouse own (assets) and owe (debts). Many people discover that thoroughly preparing this facilitates […]

Tips for Blending a Family

Marriage is full of challenges. In the case of blended families, these challenges can be amplified. Blended families must contend with a number of unique challenges including integrating stepchildren into single homes, forging relationships with former spouses, and more. 

By following the tips below, however, you can greatly increase your chances of not just staying together […]

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