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Common Questions About Property Division During Divorce

Divorce is a trying time, which is why it is important to make sure that you are positive about ending your marriage before proceeding. Not only is it difficult to divide property, it is also common for people navigating the process to experience overwhelming emotions about having their assets divided between them and their former […]

How to Respond if a Child Refuses Visitation

There are a number of things that parents must adapt to after a divorce. One challenge is growing accustomed to a custody or visitation schedule. This is true no matter if one parent holds sole custody and the child visits with the other parent or if both parents share joint custody. 

After a court grants a […]

Orthodontic Expenses and Divorce

While most parents recognize the value of children having straight teeth, braces are often expensive. Many parents find a way to pay for the cost of braces, but this can be made much more complex if parents are divorced. 

As a result, it is common for parents who have sole custody of children after a divorce […]

Kids can Benefit From Dogs During a Divorce

Divorce is a particularly challenging time for children. It is common for kids to experience a number of negative emotions while navigating the divorce process, including feelings of displacement, uneasiness brought on by the lack of order and routine, and disruption in their concept of family. 

To avoid these negative and potentially overwhelming problems, there are […]

Who Determines a Child’s Religion After a Divorce?

When parents divorce, they end up arguing about a number of issues concerning the children involved. One hotly debated issue for many couples is what religion the children will follow. 

The following will review how the question of what faith a child will follow after parents separate has been answered by Georgia courts.

A Balancing Test

When asked […]

Unique Divorce Issues for Transgender Individuals

Anyone who has ever been divorce can tell you that the process gives rise to a number of unanticipated obstacles. All marriages are unique and many become quite complicated. If you are a transgender individual, you can likely expect to face a number of unique challenges as your end your marriage. 

The following will review some […]

What to Consider When Marrying Someone With Children

If you are debating marrying someone who has children from another relationship, there are a number of important points to think about. 

Some of these factors include your relationship with the children, how the marriage would impact child support, whether you plan on adopting the children, and whether any changes to estate plans are required. 

This article […]

How Divorce can Impact Your Professional Life

Divorce changes everything. Not only does it impact your personal life, divorce can forever change your professional life, as well. 

While you might be currently focused on the difficult emotions accompanying divorce, there are a number of other concerns that you may have about the divorce process. As time passes, many people find that divorce impacts […]

Advice on Preparing Early for a Divorce

It can be overwhelming to think about an impending divorce. Not only can the prospect of ending a marriage seem emotional, there are also a number of other obstacles that must be navigated during the divorce process. 

While there are some aspects of divorce you cannot prepare for, it is possible to prepare for some things. […]

Custody Issues for Alcoholic Parents

The children of parents who suffer from alcohol addiction can end up experiencing behavior difficulties, including anxiety and depression. This is because alcoholic parents frequently fail to provide children with an adequate degree of care. 

Parents with the most serious alcohol problems can act in an abusive or negligent way toward their children. It is often […]

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