Child Custody

Good Reasons to Request Custody Modifications

Parents who discover that a child custody arrangement no longer works as well as it once did are often able to file a request for the court to modify the existing custody order. This article reviews several of the most common reasons why a parent might seek to modify an existing child custody order. In […]

When Custody Arrangements can be Changed

In some situations, divorced parents in Georgia need to request a child custody modification. Courts will only grant these requests if it is determined that doing so in the best interest of the child involved. If it is determined that granting this order will help to remove a child from immediate harm, courts are even […]

Understanding What Factors Influence Custody Decisions

Statistics reveal that couples in Georgia and other areas of the South are much more likely to divorce than other people in the country. One of the factors behind this statistic is that many people in Georgia and other southern states marry at younger ages than elsewhere in the country, and marrying at a younger […]

Six Things Divorcing Parents Should Never do to Children

Divorce has the potential to be a quick and uncomplicated process. Unfortunately, it is all too often the case that separating couples handle divorces poorly, which leads to numerous complications that significantly impact the lives of children. While it can be confusing to know how to respond in a divorce, there are some things that […]

How Drug Issues can Influence Custody Cases

As is common in many parts of the United States, Georgia is currently experiencing an epidemic drug problem. When married people use drugs, divorce often follows, which leads to custody issues. Many people ask what influence a former spouse’s drug use can have on a custody case. It is critical to understand that while a […]

Your Guide to Parental Rights in Georgia

One of the most common questions that we are asked by clients is what rights parents have in the state of Georgia. The answer is that a parent’s exact rights depend on several factors including the sex of the parent. It is critical for all parents to in Georgia understand some important details about their […]

Key Facts About Child Abandonment in Georgia

Children count on their parents to provide for their daily needs which includes creating a safe home. Many courts have interpreted that it is often in the best interests of children for both parents to play an active role in the child’s life. Statistics, however, reveal that more than a quarter of all children in […]

Actions That can Lose You Custody of Your Children

Today there are dozens of divorce horror stories that involve one or both parties indulging in juvenile behavior. These sordid tales often feature an angry adult doing something cringe-inducing to either get back at a spouse or to vent rage over his or her legal predicament.  Every person who has gone through a divorce understands […]

Three Things You Should Never do When Parental Alienation is Suspected

Over the years, child and forensic psychiatrists have discovered that parents have the ability to turn their children against a co-parent during a contentious custody battle. Parental alienation syndrome (PAS) occurs when one parent constantly insults or speaks negatively about the other parent without any justification. The result is the vilification of one parent and […]

Etiquette for Summer Visitation

The summer months are one of the most traveled times in the United States as friends, families, and couples enjoy vacations or casual getaways. For couples who have recently divorced, summer becomes the first time a non-custodial parent spends an extensive amount of time with his or her children. Even though a non-custodial parent may […]

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