Child Custody

Custody Advice for Stay-at-Home Dads

An increasing number of fathers today are taking on the role of stay-at-home parents while more mothers are becoming the primary earners in their families. When custody issues are involved, stay-at-home fathers can find themselves facing a number of obstacles. The following reviews some of the important steps that stay-at-home fathers can take to make […]

A Brief Guide to the UCCJEA

Much like the Georgia Child Custody Interstate Jurisdiction Act (GCCIJA), the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA) was established to help determine where child custody disputes can be heard. One of the differences between these two bodies of law, however, is that the UCCJEA is intended to resolve interstate child custody disputes, but […]

Child Custody Decisions When One Parent is a Drug User

One of the most complex and hotly debated issues between parents in the middle of a divorce is child custody. A great number of family law courts in Georgia place a primary emphasis on the parenting plans that are created between parents. When one parent is believed to be an illicit drug user, parents can […]

Advice to Successful Post Divorce Parenting this Holiday Season

The cornerstone of successful parenting during the holidays is placing the needs of your children first. The following are several important tips that you can follow to make any holiday much easier for your children after a divorce.

Create a Plan in Advance

It is a wise idea to make a detailed plan with the other parent […]

How Divorce can Disrupt a Child’s Education

Education is one of the most critical element in the shaping of a child’s life. Not only is school a place where children form long-lasting bonds with friends, children mature and learn at these locations, as well. Unfortunately, if not properly handled, divorce has the potential to significantly disrupt a child’s education. Fortunately, a skilled […]

Things You Should Know About Georgia Custody Evaluations

Divorce can be a frightening experience because there is a great amount of uncertainty involved. Some people are uncertain about what lies ahead, whether they can afford the process, and what will happen to their children. It can help to learn as much as possible about the child custody process. One of the most commonly […]

Good Reasons to Request Custody Modifications

Parents who discover that a child custody arrangement no longer works as well as it once did are often able to file a request for the court to modify the existing custody order. This article reviews several of the most common reasons why a parent might seek to modify an existing child custody order. In […]

When Custody Arrangements can be Changed

In some situations, divorced parents in Georgia need to request a child custody modification. Courts will only grant these requests if it is determined that doing so in the best interest of the child involved. If it is determined that granting this order will help to remove a child from immediate harm, courts are even […]

Understanding What Factors Influence Custody Decisions

Statistics reveal that couples in Georgia and other areas of the South are much more likely to divorce than other people in the country. One of the factors behind this statistic is that many people in Georgia and other southern states marry at younger ages than elsewhere in the country, and marrying at a younger […]

Six Things Divorcing Parents Should Never do to Children

Divorce has the potential to be a quick and uncomplicated process. Unfortunately, it is all too often the case that separating couples handle divorces poorly, which leads to numerous complications that significantly impact the lives of children. While it can be confusing to know how to respond in a divorce, there are some things that […]

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