Child Support

Long-Term Effects of Involving Kids in a Custody Dispute

Parents who are going through a divorce are usually under a great deal of emotional and financial stress. That time of turmoil sometimes leads to unwise decisions such as placing their children in the middle of their litigation. While adults usually realize what they are doing and stop, even a short period of being placed […]

Why Direct Child Support Payments are a Bad Idea

A couple who is going through a divorce will find themselves faced with multiple financial questions to answer. Property division, child custody, and asset sharing must be discussed with your attorney, your former spouse, or the court. A person who is ordered to pay child support or spousal support may feel that giving support payments […]

Child Support Misconceptions

Once a relationship has ended, a couple with minor children must still work together to ensure their children receive the care possible. Child support laws were established to help children receive financial assistance from both of their parents after the couple no longer lives together. Throughout the last decade, major changes in the way child […]

Why Quitting Your Job to Avoid Child Support Never Ends Well

Financial threats made during divorce are common and usually not taken seriously. A person who is hurt, angry, and stressed out will say many things that he or she will come to regret over the course of a legal dispute. Unfortunately, quitting a job to avoid paying child support is one threat that people often […]

Why Was My Child Support Modification Request Denied?

Each year parents throughout the United States pay or receive over $30 billion dollars in child support. Job loss, wage reduction, and other unforeseen events often impact a noncustodial parent’s ability to make timely payments, leading to 25% child support default rate. Requesting a child support modification is an option available for those who cannot […]

Tips for Preparing for a Modification Hearing

An involuntary change in financial circumstances may create a situation that makes it difficult or impossible to pay court ordered support. Falling behind in either spousal support or child support can place a former spouse or noncustodial parent in a precarious legal position. Instead of continuing to fall behind while hoping for a miracle to […]

Understanding Child Support Amnesty

Attitudes surrounding child support are rapidly changing as both state and federal lawmakers explore the negative impact child support can have familial relationships and personal financial growth. Studies have shown that even when a noncustodial parent is unable to pay the full amount of child support that the court has ordered, he or she is […]

Whom Does Child Support Reform Really Benefit?

Child support is a controversial topic that is often credited as one of the catalysts for the creation of the anti-child support part of the growing father’s right movement. The majority of single parents paying child support are men, causing fathers to be more likely to face consequences and penalties for failing to pay support. […]

Are You a Victim of Child Support Fraud?

In January of 2007, Georgia child support law changed to incorporate the income and expenses of both parents when calculating monthly support obligation amounts. The new formula was meant to make support payments fair to both parties while ensuring that children of the relationship were cared for financially. While the change has been mostly beneficial, […]

Things to Check Before Disputing Back Child Support Amounts

Child support has long been one of the most stressful aspects of negotiating any divorce or separation that involves minor children. A parent who has already been able to obtain the custody agreement he or she desired is often less than enthusiastic about paying child support.  The state of Georgia has implemented a child support […]