Etiquette for Summer Visitation

The summer months are one of the most traveled times in the United States as friends, families, and couples enjoy vacations or casual getaways. For couples who have recently divorced, summer becomes the first time a non-custodial parent spends an extensive amount of time with his or her children. Even though a non-custodial parent may […]

Ways to Protect Your Child’s Mental Health During a Divorce

Separation and divorce wreak havoc on the mental health of all parties involved. While adults can expect to experience difficulty recovering emotionally from a divorce, they are better able to process what has happened than children. The average child has a difficult time understanding and coming to terms with the dissolution of his or her […]

Advice for Transferring a Child to a New School During a Divorce

During an especially contentious divorce, it is not uncommon for one spouse to demand that the other leave the marital home. There are times when one party forces another to leave and after legal counsel is obtained, returning home is not feasible. While there are benefits to staying in a marital home throughout the divorce […]

Tips for Success as a Single Parent

Not every person has children with the expectation that they will become single parents. The average child support attorney consults with potential clients who are shocked and scared by the possibility of raising their children alone. While being a single parent after a separation is not easy, it is something that thousands of adults throughout […]

Custody Agreement Details That Should Not be Overlooked

The time it takes to get a divorce and resolve custody issues varies from case to case. However, if two parents are unable to agree on a parenting plan, it could take more than a year to come to an agreement. Once the couple has managed to find a custody plan that they can agree […]

Supporting Your Children During a Separation

Not being physically present for your children after you and their other parent separate is difficult to bear. It is common for parents to experience feelings of guilt, anger, and doubt once they have moved out of the home they previously shared with their children. Fortunately, there are ways to go about supporting your children […]

Advice for Creating a Realistic Co-Parenting Schedule

Couples with children that are going through a break up may have a difficult time determining a fair way to share their parenting time. Even when a couple is able to agree on other custody and support related issues, creating an actual co-parenting schedule can lead to a negotiation stalemate. While overcoming this obstacle in […]

Communication Mistakes Separated Couples Make

A couple who has decided to separate often needs to communicate with each other regarding children or shared property. Even if two adults have no children or do not share any property deeds, it is unlikely that a recently separated couple will not have any reasons to contact each other in the first few weeks […]

Why You Should Keep in Touch with in-Laws After a Break Up

When it comes to maintaining relationships with in-laws after a divorce, everyone has a different opinion. Some encourage maintaining a healthy, but respectful, relationship with former relatives by marriage and others advocate cutting all ties. Obviously individual circumstances and relationship types heavily influences most decisions, but it is common for couples with children or those […]

Three Things to Never Hide from a Co-Parent

Once a post-divorce or break up custody dispute is resolved, many former partners want nothing to do with each other. Unfortunately, most parents must work together to co-parent their mutual children. While it is possible to keep contact to a minimum, there are times when you must provide the other parent with information. Failing to […]

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