Child Custody Decisions When One Parent is a Drug User

One of the most complex and hotly debated issues between parents in the middle of a divorce is child custody. A great number of family law courts in Georgia place a primary emphasis on the parenting plans that are created between parents. When one parent is believed to be an illicit drug user, parents can […]

Advice to Successful Post Divorce Parenting this Holiday Season

The cornerstone of successful parenting during the holidays is placing the needs of your children first. The following are several important tips that you can follow to make any holiday much easier for your children after a divorce.

Create a Plan in Advance

It is a wise idea to make a detailed plan with the other parent […]

Tips to Effectively Co-Parent After a Divorce

Deciding how to raise children with a former spouse can be particularly challenging. Unfortunately, there is not one universal solution to this problems, which means parents must determine for themselves what type of arrangement will work best. There are, however, several important steps that parents can take to effectively co-parent children together after a separation […]

Tips for Creating Parenting Plans for Young Children

When children are newborns or still very young, creating a parenting plan can be particularly difficult. While older children are often better prepared to handle the numerous changes accompanying divorce, younger children often have a much more difficult time understanding what is happening between their parents.

As a result, it is often much more challenging […]

Navigating Halloween as a Divorced Parent

Because it is one of the less significant holidays, many divorced families tend to overlook details regarding Halloween celebration. For many children, however, Halloween is a particularly fun and exciting time because it offers the opportunity to dress up and get candy. If you are divorced or separated from a spouse, it is important to […]

Six Things Divorcing Parents Should Never do to Children

Divorce has the potential to be a quick and uncomplicated process. Unfortunately, it is all too often the case that separating couples handle divorces poorly, which leads to numerous complications that significantly impact the lives of children. While it can be confusing to know how to respond in a divorce, there are some things that […]

Actions That can Lose You Custody of Your Children

Today there are dozens of divorce horror stories that involve one or both parties indulging in juvenile behavior. These sordid tales often feature an angry adult doing something cringe-inducing to either get back at a spouse or to vent rage over his or her legal predicament. ¬†Every person who has gone through a divorce understands […]

When Shared Parenting is Not a Good Idea

Shared parenting is a form of custody that allows both parents to have equal physical time with their children. Shared parenting allows the children to have an equal relationship with each parent and allows the parents an opportunity to work together to raise their mutual children. Though there are psychological benefits to this type of […]

Tips for Co-Parenting During a Divorce

Parenting a child during a divorce is difficult for both parents. Not only do both parents need to adjust to being a single parent, their child must get used to living in a household that no longer allows them constant access to both parents. Additionally, the parents must learn how to effectively co-parent even though […]

Dealing With Teen Rebellion

Children of divorce are more likely to experience behavioral problems, especially if they older. ¬†Even though an older child may understand why the divorce is necessary and support the divorce itself, he or she may still have a hard time adjusting. After a contentious divorce and a restructuring of life, the average parent may have […]

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