Division of Assets

Repercussions of Restricting Your Spouses Access to the Marital Home

A bitter divorce that is fueled by anger and distrust can lead to many bad choices being made by both parties. There are a number of things that a person going through a divorce can do that will seriously hurt his or her chances of receiving a fair settlement. One of the most harmful things […]

Why Hiding Assets is Not Worth the Risk

Both spouses are expected to fully disclose their income sources and available assets in the early stages of divorce. On this form, a financial disclosure, both parties are swearing under oath that they are providing truthful and accurate information. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for a person to attempt to hide assets from a spouse […]

What to do if Your Spouse Accuses You of Hiding Assets

It is common for one or both spouses to hurl accusations at each other during the course of a divorce. Even a relatively amicable divorce will involve instances of one or both parties not believing each other or having difficulty communicating over sensitive matters. Money is often a major matter of contention between couples, with […]

What Should I do with My House?

The most valuable piece of property owned by most couples is their house. A house represents a large financial investment and holds significant sentimental value to both adults and their children. During a divorce a couple may spend months, or even years, fighting for control of the house. Unfortunately, once the house is awarded to […]

Do Not Let Emotion Outweigh Reality During Property Division


Every divorce, even an amicable one, is extremely emotional for everyone involved. A divorce signals the end of a relationship and a significant period in a person’s life. During a time when emotions are running high, it is difficult to make professional and financial decisions. Unfortunately, a large part of all divorces is negotiating details […]

Three Things That can Go Wrong After an Amicable DIY Divorce

Divorce does not always have to be a battle; there are times when a couple who are no longer comfortable being married to each other can continue to maintain a healthy friendship. When couples agree on all major issues associated with their divorce, it is usually easier and more affordable to pursue an uncontested divorce. […]

Four Ways People Accidentally Hide Assets During a Divorce

Property division during a divorce can easily become as bad, or worse, than a child custody dispute. Each partner wants to leave the marriage with what he or she believes is a fair portion of the joint assets, and often each partner has a different understanding of the term “fair.”  Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements give […]

Why Would My Spouse Hide Assets?

Most marriages are built upon trust, and even after a divorce is initiated, spouses still believe that they can rely on their former partners to be honest during negotiations. Unfortunately, a spouse who is nervous about his or her financial future or believes that he or she is entitled to a larger share of assets […]

Tips for Creating a Realistic Budget for Your Post Divorce Life

One of the most difficult parts of negotiating a divorce is determining how much money or assets each person deserves to walk away with. When working with your attorney to decide what type of settlement is fair, it is important that you create a realistic budget for your post-divorce life. Asking for too little money […]

Tips for Selling a House During a Divorce

Once a couple decides to get a divorce, both parties must agree on the best way to divide marital assets. A couple with a house may choose to keep the house with one partner assuming the full financial responsibility, but unless the house is refinanced, both of the adults on the mortgage loan remain responsible […]

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