Often Overlooked Financial Advantages of Divorce

Some people delay divorce because they are concerned about the various costs that can arise. From loss of a spouse’s income to court fees, it is true that divorce is often an expensive undertaking. In addition to the potential of leaving a divorce with fewer assets and income, divorce can also have a devastating impact […]

Things to Not Say When Discussing Divorce

By the time most couples decide to get divorced, they have been considering doing so for quite some time. Some statistics even suggest that a person spends approximately two years thinking about divorce before taking action.

The reason for this delay is that when spouses have intertwined their lives together, it can be difficult to imagine […]

Common Myths About Children and Divorce

Divorce is almost always a traumatic experience for children. Because divorcing parents often find themselves juggling a number of issues, it is common for a child’s interests to fall by the wayside. When parents fail to adequately consider their children’s needs during divorce, the whole family suffers. The following takes a look at the truth […]

Proven Strategies for Handling a Difficult Former Spouse

Many people discover that interacting with a former spouse following a divorce can be a challenge. The situation can be even more difficult if you have children with your former spouse.

It should go without saying, but the best interests of children should always come first. Divorcing parents should put aside their squabbles in order […]

Success Strategies for Summer Parenting After Divorce

Parents in Georgia who are divorced face a number of unique complications. During the summer months when kids are not in school and have more flexible schedules, some parents discover that successful co-parenting is actually more difficult. This does not mean, however, that successful summer parenting is impossible; the following will review a number of […]

Important Financial Topics to Discuss With Your Spouse

There are a number of disparities in most romantic relationships. One of the big differences is that in most marriages, one spouse tends to make more than the other. While some couples are able to navigate this issue, others are not able to do so. It is not surprising that financial issues are the leading […]

Sharing News About Your Divorce With Others

Divorce happens at an alarming rate. It can be a challenging process, even if you remain friends with your former spouse. One of the most difficult parts of divorce is deciding when and how to share news of the divorce with your friends and family.

While it is important to tell children about the end […]

Tips on Parenting a Teenager After a Divorce

Many parents discover after a divorce that it can be difficult to successfully parent a teenager. The reason why many teenagers have a difficult time in the wake of their parent’s divorce is that much like separated spouses, teenagers also must rebuild their lives. Additionally, learning to parent a teenager whose freedom is increasing can […]

Understanding Your Options After Divorce as a Stay-at-Home Parent

Statistics compiled by the United States Census Bureau reveal that approximately 18% of parents in 2016 were classified as “stay-at-home” parents. While this represents a large percentage of married individuals, the amount of stay-at-home parents has actually decreased.

When a marriage ends, it is common to feel uncertain about how to proceed or what options […]

Divorcing a Spouse With Substance Abuse Issues

Statistics reveal that there are millions of people in the United States who suffer from alcohol and drug addiction. Not only does battling an addiction leads to problems in a person’s life, it also can create a number of substantial obstacles for a person’s family.

Given the added strain that an addiction can place on […]

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