What to do After Reaching a Divorce Settlement

It can be tempting to think that once a divorce settlement has been reached, the entire process of ending the marriage has concluded. This, however, is not always true. Because divorce can impact so many aspects of your daily life, there are often many problems to solve even after a settlement is reached. The following […]

The Truth Behind Common Divorce Misconceptions

Just like in many other stressful and common experiences, many misconceptions persist about divorce. If you fall into thinking that any of these popular myths are true, the divorce process will likely be much more difficult for you. The following will take an honest look at these misconceptions so that you will be better prepared […]

Spotting Signs of Parental Alienation

Any parent who is navigating custody or divorce can benefit greatly from detecting the signs of parental alienation. Unfortunately, it is not always clear if a child has been impacted by the condition, which is why parents should be on the lookout during this difficult period of transition. The following are some of the key […]

What Happens if Your Spouse Refuses to Sign Divorce Papers?

As you have likely heard from anyone who has navigated the process, divorce can be a stressful and at times overwhelming ordeal. Many obstacles can occur and make the process even more complex. One potential hurdle that many people encounter is when a soon-to-be former spouse refuses to sign divorce papers. 

What should you do when […]

Advice on Sharing Your Home During a Divorce

In much the same way that every marriage is unique, so is every divorce. What works as well as what does not work varies between couples. There are, however, a number of commonalities during the divorce process, which include increasing concerns about finances and tense emotions until the process is concluded. 

Understandably, divorcing spouses often look […]

Considering Hiring a Private Investigator?

When the concept of private investigators is introduced, many people imagine something from a movie. In reality, private investigators are often hired to help in family law cases and can be beneficial for a number of reasons. Most often, investigators are used to demonstrate that someone‚Äôs spouse is having an affair. If you have debated […]

Common Questions About Property Division During Divorce

Divorce is a trying time, which is why it is important to make sure that you are positive about ending your marriage before proceeding. Not only is it difficult to divide property, it is also common for people navigating the process to experience overwhelming emotions about having their assets divided between them and their former […]

Kids can Benefit From Dogs During a Divorce

Divorce is a particularly challenging time for children. It is common for kids to experience a number of negative emotions while navigating the divorce process, including feelings of displacement, uneasiness brought on by the lack of order and routine, and disruption in their concept of family. 

To avoid these negative and potentially overwhelming problems, there are […]

Unique Divorce Issues for Transgender Individuals

Anyone who has ever been divorce can tell you that the process gives rise to a number of unanticipated obstacles. All marriages are unique and many become quite complicated. If you are a transgender individual, you can likely expect to face a number of unique challenges as your end your marriage. 

The following will review some […]

What to Consider When Marrying Someone With Children

If you are debating marrying someone who has children from another relationship, there are a number of important points to think about. 

Some of these factors include your relationship with the children, how the marriage would impact child support, whether you plan on adopting the children, and whether any changes to estate plans are required. 

This article […]

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