What to do if Your Spouse Accuses You of Hiding Assets

It is common for one or both spouses to hurl accusations at each other during the course of a divorce. Even a relatively amicable divorce will involve instances of one or both parties not believing each other or having difficulty communicating over sensitive matters. Money is often a major matter of contention between couples, with […]

Three Things You Should Never do When Parental Alienation is Suspected

Over the years, child and forensic psychiatrists have discovered that parents have the ability to turn their children against a co-parent during a contentious custody battle. Parental alienation syndrome (PAS) occurs when one parent constantly insults or speaks negatively about the other parent without any justification. The result is the vilification of one parent and […]

Etiquette for Summer Visitation

The summer months are one of the most traveled times in the United States as friends, families, and couples enjoy vacations or casual getaways. For couples who have recently divorced, summer becomes the first time a non-custodial parent spends an extensive amount of time with his or her children. Even though a non-custodial parent may […]

How to Handle a Request for Mediation

Eventually every divorce reaches a point at which one or both parties are tired of fighting and ready to move forward to a settlement. Unfortunately, even though the parties involved might be ready to end their legal battle, if they continue to disagree on major points, a settlement can not be reached. Some allow the […]

Things to Consider Before Moving Out During a Divorce

Couples going through a particularly nasty divorce may want to be as far away from each other as possible. When that couple is sharing a home, that desire can be extremely difficult to act on.  It is not uncommon for one party to become so fed up with the living arrangements that moving out seems […]

Ways Adult Children can Hurt Your Divorce Case

Over the years, multiple studies have been conducted showing how minor children are affected by the divorce of their parents. Children can experience developmental issues that impact their ability to learn and function in certain age-appropriate ways. Growing awareness of these problems has led to some couples remaining married until their children become adults.  However, […]

Signs Your Child is Having a Hard Time Coping with Divorce

Getting a divorce is hard on everyone in a family. Parents must often relocate, finances become more complicated, and children usually have their home life disrupted. While some children are better able to accept and cope with the divorce of their parents, others experience difficulty adjusting. During a contentious divorce, it is hard for parents […]

Why Divorce Time Frames Vary

When you or someone close to you is considering divorce, it is natural to talk to those close to you who have recently filed for divorce or gotten a divorce in the past. While talking to others can give you some insight into the typical divorce, it can also leave you with questions. Not every […]

What to do if Your Spouse Threatens Divorce

It is normal for couples to fight, but when the only time you and your spouse communicate is to fight, it could be a sign that the relationship is not working. Eventually, one spouse may get fed up and begin threatening his or her partner with divorce. Often the spouse who threatens divorce is the […]

Handling College Tuition After a Divorce

Graduation is right around the corner for high school students throughout the United States. The end of high school represents the end of childhood and many graduates decide to start college immediately after graduation. While this is a proud moment for any parent it also means the beginning of a new financial burden that could […]

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