Prenuptial Agreements

Anticipating Common Challenges with Prenuptial Agreements

If you are considering getting married, you have likely received a lot of advice from your friends and family about how to approach this process. These suggestions can range from minor to major, but the advice that you choose to follow is ultimately up to you. 

One of the hotly debated issues relating to marriage is […]

Important Financial Topics to Discuss With Your Spouse

There are a number of disparities in most romantic relationships. One of the big differences is that in most marriages, one spouse tends to make more than the other. While some couples are able to navigate this issue, others are not able to do so. It is not surprising that financial issues are the leading […]

Why You Should Consider a Prenuptial Agreement

Many couples avoid ever discussing prenuptial agreements because of the stigma attached. Future spouses fear that bringing up a prenuptial agreement will detract from the joy of the wedding. There is also a risk that the person who raises this topic will end up conveying to the other partner that the relationship may not ultimately […]

Important Legal Issues to Consider Before Your Wedding

Wedding planning involves a number of important issues. While there is picking out a dress and choosing what dinner to serve guests, there are also a number of other important considerations to make prior to your wedding day. This includes addressing a number of important legal issues to make sure that you do not end […]

Reasons to Create a Prenuptial Agreement

If you are unfamiliar with prenuptial agreements, they are a type of contract for people seeking to get married that establishes rules for how both spouses will conduct themselves in case a divorce occurs. While prenuptial agreements were once thought of as something that only celebrities or the super wealthy used, today they are gaining […]

Statements Allowed in Prenuptial Agreements

While many people have heard of prenuptial agreements, they are still confused about what exactly these documents can and can not include. While some of the details that people decide to include in pre-nuptial agreements are widely known, some of the other details are specific and unique. This article will take an in-depth look at […]

Tips for Creating a Postnuptial Agreement When a Marriage is at Risk

Obtaining a prenuptial agreement is viewed as a way to protect and separate a couple’s assets prior to marriage. Not every person is comfortable suggesting a prenuptial agreement to a potential spouse or may not realize that an agreement was advisable until after the marriage occurred. When either scenario occurs, investing in a postnuptial agreement […]

Should You Ask for a Prenup?

A growing number of adults are utilizing prenuptial agreements that were once deemed only beneficial to the wealthy. A person considering marriage might be unsure if investing in a prenup is right for his or her individual situation. Asking a future spouse to sign a prenuptial agreement is not something that is done lightly, so […]

How to Handle a Prenuptial Agreement Request From Your Fiancé

A growing number of millennials are using prenuptial agreements to protect their personal and professional assets prior to getting married. The changing trend is largely influenced by the larger percentage of adults who are only interested in getting married after they have established themselves financially and professionally. Unfortunately, even though more people are using prenuptial […]

Is My Prenuptial Agreement Valid?

As the average age of adults getting married for the first time increases, prenuptial agreements are becoming commonplace. Couples who are aware of the high likelihood of divorce and understand the realities of post-divorce financial problems are determined to protect themselves.  A written contract gives adults a way to keep their separate business assets safe […]

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