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Tips for Stepparenting

Creating a blended family is a wonderful time in many people’s lives, but it is also a time that brings together different parents, spouses, and siblings in a brand new environment. In her book Surviving and Thriving in Stepfamily Relationships: What Works and What Doesn’t, psychiatrist Patricia Papernow, Ed.D. states, “A stepfamily is a fundamentally […]

Can I Collect Child Support After My Child Turns 18?

Imagine that you have a child support order in place that directs your child’s father to pay a certain amount to you each month. The father is past due on multiple months and you have repeatedly asked him for such payment. Time goes on and your ex has still not paid the amount due, but […]

Attorney’s Fees Award

The process of obtaining a divorce can become costly quite quickly. Oftentimes a party does not have the proper financial means available to pay for an attorney. One option available is to seek an award of attorney’s fees. Once a divorce action is filed, Georgia law allows for an award of attorney’s fees to a […]

Living With Your Spouse During a Divorce

Living separately from your spouse involves two sets of household expenses. These include two rents or mortgage as well as two sets of utilities and related home expenses. Some couples simply cannot afford to live in two separate households while also paying the expenses of a divorce. In this case, they decide to both live […]

Petition for Emancipation

In a previous article, we explored the situations in which an emancipation of a minor may occur.  One such option was emancipation pursuant to a petition filed by the minor, who is at least 16 years old, with the juvenile court. There we explained the standard needed for a court to approve such emancipation. But […]

Child Support in a Military Divorce

There are many aspects of a divorce that will be different if one spouse is a member of the military and the same is true concerning child support dispute. This article will help you begin to learn the specific set of guidelines for determining a child support award if you or the other parent of […]

I Think My Spouse is Hiding Assets

Financial issues tend to concern many people when beginning an action for divorce. Often times, one spouse believes that the other is not being honest regarding income and may be attempting to hide certain funds. Under Georgia law, when a divorce action is initiated, each party is required to complete a Domestic Relations Financial Affidavit […]

Mandatory Child Abuse Reporting

On July 1, 2012 new requirements became effective in Georgia concerning mandatory reporting of child abuse by certain people. Previously, the act only applied to medical personnel, psychologists, social workers, counselors, law enforcement personnel, child service organization personnel and school teachers, administrators, and guidance counselors. With this new legislation, the list was expanded to include […]

Why a Lump Sum Payment of Alimony May be the Best Option

In a previous post, we explored the many different ways that alimony can be distributed. One such form was a lump sum payment. Here, we will explain some of the benefits in opting for a lump sum payment over the other options.
If you collect a lump sum payment that is labeled as “alimony,” it may […]

My Ex Requested a Deposition

Depositions are an important tool for discovery in many types of domestic relations cases. A deposition can allow one party’s attorney to examine and question the requested party in person on record. Under Georgia law, a deposition may be conducted anytime during the discovery period of a case. This is the time period after filing […]

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