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Establishing Paternity in the State of Georgia

In the state of Georgia, babies are not always the product of a married couple. A large number of children are born to parents who are not married to one another. Many parents are unaware that having a child born in such a situation greatly affects the legal rights and responsibilities for both parents. One […]

Defenses to a Georgia Divorce

There are a variety of reasons why spouses choose to defend against a divorce. Sometimes, a spouse will select a defense as a way to resist being blamed for the marriage ending.

A List of Available Defenses

Many individuals are not aware that there are a variety of available defenses that can be raised in response to […]

Grandparents’ Rights

In many family law situations involving the custody of a minor child, the grandparents might lose visitation rights with their grandchildren. If the parent of the grandchild has visitation rights removed, the custodial parents of a grandchild do not have to grant former in-laws any visitation with a grandchild. Georgia law was written to give […]

Emancipation of Children

Whether you have a child who is considering becoming emancipated, you are considering emancipation yourself, or you are simply curious about the emancipation process, it can often prove enormously beneficial to retain the services of a skilled family law attorney.

Situations in Which a Minor Need Not File for Emancipation

There are several particular situations in the […]

Tax Consequences of Child Support in Georgia

The exact conditions of a divorce settlement will greatly influence how child support will affect one’s taxes. An individual should strive to pay close attention to how child support is described in the divorce settlement in order to remain fully aware of all potential tax consequences. Extra caution must be made to not commingle child […]

The Role of Ex Parte Divorces in the State of Georgia

A large number of individuals in the state of Georgia are unfamiliar with the terms of an “ex parte” divorce. The phrase “ex parte” refers to a legal proceeding that takes place on behalf of just one of the formerly married individuals. Despite the lack of participation by one spouse in the ex parte divorce, […]

How to Obtain an Alimony Modification in the State of Georgia

Alimony in the state of Georgia is not a requirement but can be awarded in appropriate situations. Similar to child support, alimony can be modified when necessary even after alimony has been granted. Individuals should understand some of the essential ways in which life decisions can impact the award of alimony and when alimony can […]

Is Your Spouse Hiding Assets?

If you are currently going through a Georgia divorce, or even if you believe that your spouse is considering divorce, there is a probability that your spouse is hiding marital assets that could significantly influence the outcome. In the event of these situations, it is essential to turn to the services of a knowledgeable Georgia […]

Temporary Protective Orders

A temporary protective order is one type of order that a judge can hear in cases of domestic violence. Only particular individuals, however, can request temporary protective orders. Applicable law in the state of Georgia requires that there be a family relationship of some sort between the parties and an act of family violence that […]

Divorce Mediation in Georgia

A divorce need not end with a nasty court battle that results in both parties financially and emotionally overwhelmed. Mediation is a highly effective alternative to more traditional divorce litigation. Many individuals in the state of Georgia, however, are unaware of exactly how the mediation process unfolds.
What the Mediation Process Involves
Courts have placed an emphasis […]

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