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Post-Divorce Changes Commonly Overlooked

Once an adult has decided to file for a divorce, the potential changes he or she is faced with can easily become overwhelming. ┬áMaking the transition from sharing your life with another adult to extricating yourself from the life you have built together is daunting. Though family, friends, and legal counsel are all able to […]

What You Should Do When an Uncontested Divorce Becomes Contested

Couples who have mutually decided that filing for divorce is their best option often expect their divorce proceedings to be uncontested. When adults have no minor children, have little personal property, or feel they agree on all major issues, they are able to benefit from filing an uncontested divorce. The majority of uncontested divorces are […]

Shielding Children During a Custody Battle

One of the primary reasons that divorces are contested is because a couple cannot agree on custody arrangements for their minor children. Both parents want primary physical custody and the majority of the parenting time, leading to custody disputes. Since custody affects issues like child support, medical insurance, and other major issues, these disputes can […]

Coping with Divorce Doubts

Deciding to get a divorce is something that adults grapple with for months or years. Even after coming to a concrete decision it is not unusual for an adult to begin experiencing doubts as the time to initiate divorce proceedings draws closer. It is important to remember that divorce doubts are quite common and it […]

Advice for Budgeting During a Divorce

Once a divorce is initiated, a couple with children who are preparing for a contested divorce must expect to spend several months haggling over terms. During this period of time, certain funds and assets are inaccessible as property is separated. The loss of income assistance from a spouse combined with the expenses associated with a […]

Why Children May Refuse to Attend Visitation

No matter how hard parents work to establish a visitation schedule that seemingly accommodates all parties, it is not unusual for children to begin refusing to visit their non-custodial parent. These refusals are painful for a non-custodial parent and place the custodial parent in a difficult position. Interfering with court-ordered visitation can lead to contempt […]

What to Do if Support Payments are No Longer Affordable

Following a divorce, it is not unusual for one person to make support payments to a former spouse. The two common types of payments are maintenance (alimony) and child support payments. When determining if the payments are required, the court takes income, age of children, and length of marriage into account. If support payments are […]

Tips for Communicating with a New Stepparent

Once a divorce is finalized and custody is decided, it takes everyone some time to adjust to the new family dynamic. Adults must get used to running single parent households, while their children deal with shared parenting time. Initially everyone is so focused on managing one day at a time that the idea of one […]

Tips for Parenting Time Transitions

The period immediately following a divorce requires everyone to make adjustments. Formerly married adults must shift from the role of spouse to solely that of parent, while children must adjust to dealing with their parents individually. After living with their children on a full-time basis, a non-custodial parent is forced to get used to adhering […]

Communicating with in-Laws After a Divorce

Once a divorce is finalized most adults desire nothing more than the ability to move on with their lives. Putting the past relationship behind them so that they can move forward is how many adults cope with the end of their marriage. In a world in which the majority of people use social media, simply […]

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