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Expenses Not Covered by Child Support

In recent years, the debate over what child support should be used for has escalated as laws regarding child support enforcement continued to evolve. Non-custodial parents who feel as though they are constantly being asked for money by ex-spouses and children question how the money they are paying in child support is being utilized. While […]

Post-Divorce Graduation Etiquette

As graduation season begins, many divorced couples find themselves in a potentially uncomfortable position. With more adults getting remarried and the high school graduation rate in Georgia increasing, blended families are attending graduations in larger numbers. Though the challenges of raising a child together often encourages divorced couples to work together, attending public gatherings with […]

Why Parents Should Consider Getting Protective Orders for Minor Children

During a contentious custody battle, it is not unusual for parents to find themselves defending themselves against accusations made by their former spouses. Though there are times when false allegations are made, sometimes the claims made are justified and honest. A parent who is legitimately concerned for the well-being of his or her children may […]

Defending Against a Contempt Action

After spending several months, and in some cases years, reaching an acceptable divorce or custody agreement, the average adult expects to move on with little difficulty. Adhering to a hard won agreement is one of the best ways to avoid future problems with a former spouse. However, there are times when adults with the best […]

Complexities Associated with Paternity in Georgia

Many different legal issues can pop up when unwed couples live together. One of those issues is children. When a child is born during a marriage in Georgia, that child is automatically presumed to be the child of the man who is married to the mother. However, more and more, children are born to unwed […]

Providing for Children After a Separation

No one really enjoys paying bills. For parents who are separated, the bills can also include child support. Providing financial support for your child is a legal obligation that starts the moment you are legally recognized as that child’s parent, and it continues until the child reaches the age of 18. While some divorced families […]

Georgia Couple Struggles to Understand Why They Lost Their Children

Colorlines, which is published by Race Forward, printed an article back in 2011 about a Georgia couple who claimed they did everything they were asked, but still had to fight for over four years to get their children back from state custody. The initial claim made by the Georgia Department of Family and Children Services […]

Failing to Pay Child Support Costs More Than You Expect

On December 21, 2016 Shaequita Grier was arrested by a DeKalb County Sheriff’s deputy for failing to pay court ordered child support. The mother owed her ex-husband $1,000 at the time of her arrest and was one of approximately 100 Georgia residents served with an outstanding child support warrant on that late December day. Grier’s […]

Common Prenuptial Agreement Mistakes

Adults planning to get married in Georgia have the option of using a prenuptial agreement to establish the rights of each spouse if they later decide to divorce. In the past, prenuptial agreements were largely associated with marriages between wealthy people, but as more adults get married later in life, or have multiple marriages throughout […]

Establishing Legitimacy to Preserve Your Rights as a Father

The establishment of paternity is something that is often associated with child support obligations or divorces involving adultery claims. While establishing legitimacy is an important part of establishing child support obligations for children born out of wedlock, they are also important to fathers who want to secure their relationships with their children. After a separation, […]

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