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How Does Same-Sex Marriage Affect Access to Government and Employer Benefits?

On April 2015, the Supreme Court ruled in Obergefell v. Hodges that same-sex couples have a right to be married under the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution. This decision was a long-awaited one by the LGBT community, and has many legal implications. If you have any questions about the legal implications that the Supreme […]

Creating a Family Through Surrogacy

Bill and Giuliana Rancic made headlines last year when their surrogate mother miscarried for the second time. Rancic, 40 and a cancer survivor, was unable to carry the embryo herself, due to prescription medication she was taking. As we all know, families are made by a plethora of different methods today, such as through divorce […]

Signs Your Ex-Spouse is Sabotaging Your Parenting Time

Adjusting to sharing custody takes time after a divorce is finalized and a custody agreement is made official. Parents who previously lived in a home with their children must get used to seeing them for a small period of time that is ordered by the court. While parents are encouraged to work together to make […]

Ways to Handle Custody Agreement Problems

Once a couple has agreed to a shared custody arrangement that suits them and their children, they expect to adhere to the agreement without much difficulty. Though it takes time for children to get used to living in a single-parent household, and the non-custodial parent has to learn how to cope with seeing his or […]

Why Legal Separation is Not Always a Good Idea

Legal separation is an option that married couples try prior to obtaining a divorce. Less expensive than an outright divorce, a separation gives both adults an opportunity to live on their own without officially dissolving the legal aspects of their marriage. A couple who separates may later reconcile without either party suffering any serious financial […]

Do Not Let Social Media Destroy Your Divorce Settlement

Throughout the past decade, the Internet and the rise of social media has changed the way we document our lives. Today the average person posts detailed information about their activities, purchases, and habits to an audience of millions at least once per day. The new ways that we all record and distribute information has affected […]

New Georgia Bill Would Take Guns Away From Domestic Violence Offenders

It is inevitable that people who are relationships will argue. Verbal arguments are a natural part of relationships, and many people in relationships even get into yelling matches. Often, these arguments are about things that annoy one person about the other. Other times, the arguments are about something one partner wants to change. Regardless what […]

Thinking of Having a Baby Before You Say ‘I Do’?

Recently, America has seen a new trend in the way young couples are building their families. More frequently than ever before, couples are actively choosing to have babies before they tie the knot. Celebrities sensationalize this new way of creating a family unit as a superior idea, but in times of such high divorce rates, […]

Factors to Consider in a Georgia Child Custody Case

Divorce is never an easy thing to go through, but it is made even more complicated when children are involved. Over 40% of marriages in the United States end in divorce, which means that plenty of couples are going to court to decide who gets primary guardianship when it comes the custody of their children.

Recently, […]

Standard for Modifying Custody Agreements

In a recent decision, a Texas Court of Appeals helped clarify what constitutes a material and substantial change in circumstances for the purposes of modifying a custody order. Despite guidance from the court, modifying a custody agreement remains a complicated process, whether you live in Texas or Georgia. If you believe that your custody arrangement […]

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