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Signs of Guilt-Driven Parenting

Once the stress, anger, and depression that is a normal part of the divorce process has passed, it is not unusual for adults to begin feeling guilty. The children of a divorced couple often have a hard time adjusting to the separation of their parents and their pain can affect a parent’s ability to maintain […]

Why You Should Stay in Your Home During a Divorce

Remaining in your marital home with your spouse during a divorce is not always an easy task. If the split is contentious and multiple aspects of the divorce are being contested, seeing your spouse each day can be difficult. It is not unusual for one spouse to decide to move out of the home, but […]

Beware of Morality Clauses

Once a divorce involving children becomes inevitable, it is not unusual for parents to worry about what will occur to their children when they are not around. Their concerns often influence the requests they make during visitation and custody discussions. A parent who feels strongly about certain behavior and activities that might endanger a child […]

Combating the “Deadbeat Dad” Stereotype

Child support often becomes a matter of contention when couples who have minor children decide to get divorced. Both parents want to be sure that their children are provided for, but neither party wants to voluntarily put themselves in a financially precarious position. As divorce became more common, and child support laws were introduced to […]

The Real Benefits of Shared Parenting

Shared parenting is a form of joint custody that allows a divorced couple to spend equal time with their children. In the past it was common for one parent to retain physical custody of the children while both parents had an equal say in legal decisions. The new shared parenting movement allows children to continue […]

Is Your Spouse Spying on You?

In a world where high tech spying devices are available in the form of smartphone applications and sold online, it is not uncommon for a spouse to resort to spying during a divorce. Though he or she might feel entitled to know what you are doing while you are still legally married, spying is an […]

Things to Avoid When Co-Parenting After a Divorce

The idea of putting aside divorce disputes in order to co-parent after receiving your decree often seems impossible. After months or years of unhappiness culminating in a costly divorce, it is not unusual for an adult to want closure and space. Unfortunately, couples who have minor children together must continue to interact until their children […]

Summer Visitation Advice

Extended visits with a non-custodial parent typically take place during the summer months. Regardless of whether your child is staying close to home or going on an out-of-state vacation, preparing for summer visitation can be difficult for both parents. Custodial parents are often anxious about spending a large amount of time away from their children, […]

Handling Debt Liability During a Divorce

In the state of Georgia, during the divorce process, the court will work towards establishing a fair distribution of property that was acquired during the marriage. Although the division of assets is more than likely going to be one of your primary concerns during your divorce, it is important to remember marital debt, as well. […]

Georgia Domestic Violence: A Serious Social, Economic and Health Concern

At one point in their lives, approximately one out of every four women in America will be physically assaulted or raped by a partner. The Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence (GCADV) was established to fulfill the need for programs, services, and support for domestic violence victims in Georgia. Domestic violence, according to the GCADV, is […]

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