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Ways to Request a Divorce Without Starting an Argument

The decision to get a divorce is not one that is made overnight. Typically, an adult spends several months, if not years, considering whether or not a divorce is his or her best option. Once a person has realized that divorce is the best choice, he or she must determine how to broach the subject […]

Custody Agreement Provisions to Consider

Custody agreements that do not include clear instructions can lead to numerous problems for a couple trying to find a way to co-parent effectively. Miscommunications or an order that does not define certain issues that a separated couple may encounter increases the chances for disagreements. Crafting a custody order that includes provisions for topics that […]

Working Together for an Uncontested Divorce

The most recent data collected by the Centers for Disease Control determined that between 40% and 50% of all marriages will end in divorce. Even though divorce has grown more socially acceptable in recent years, many are unfamiliar with the actual legal process of dissolving a marriage. High-profile divorces often include extended battles with multiple […]

Prenuptial Agreement Checklist

Throughout the United States, the average age of an adult getting married has steadily increased. Adults are focusing on obtaining a higher education, establishing their career, and becoming financially stable prior to getting married. Once a relationship begins leading toward marriage, a person who has a financially lucrative career or a profitable business may want […]

Tips for Negotiating Custody Agreements Involving Children

The commonness of divorce within the United States has led to approximately half of all children in the country witnessing the end of their parents’ marriage. Ages of children at the time of divorce vary, but regardless of age, multiple studies have shown that keeping the life of a child stable after the divorce is […]

Is Your Ex in Contempt?

The realization that your former spouse is not willing to uphold his or her end of a court ordered agreement is an unpleasant shock that unfortunately is fairly common. Even after months of meetings, court hearings, and tense discussions, some adults still believe they cannot be punished even if they ignore portions of a legal […]

Dealing with Adultery: Why Confrontation is Not Always the Answer

Infidelity during a marriage has the potential to cause irreparable emotional damage to the relationship and eventually lead to divorce. Approximately 37% of divorces are initiated after infidelity is discovered, but it is possible that the actual numbers of adultery-related divorces are higher. Even though divorce is not as socially unacceptable as it was in […]

Signs Your Child is Manipulating You

Several studies have determined that divorce can cause behavioral problems in children. The age of the child, the way the child was told about the divorce, and the relationship between the parents post-divorce all play a role in shaping any behavioral problems that may become apparent. Parents who are concerned about the emotional health of […]

Common Financial Blunders During Separation

A period of legal separation immediately precedes many Georgia divorces. Even though both partners may remain in a house together once they suspend marital relations for the purpose of getting divorced, the separation begins. During the time before the divorce is filed, you and your spouse have a short window of time to prepare for […]

Three Things Your Divorce Attorney Really Wants to Tell You (But Can’t)

Each year over 800,000 couples get divorced throughout the United States. The majority of these couples seek the advice of an attorney at some point in their divorce process. Once an attorney is retained, he or she will give you legal advice, work on your behalf, and do everything possible to obtain a divorce settlement […]

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