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Essential Advice for Those Preparing for Mediation

Mediation is a form of resolution that is often used by couples who are going through a contested divorce. During the mediation process, a couple negotiates the terms of their divorce with a neutral mediator who is able to steer the conversation towards an amicable resolution. Typically, attorneys do not attend the mediation session and […]

Words of Warning for Active Social Media Users Involved in Litigation

No one looks forward to going to court, especially when your case involves other family members. Even the presence of skilled attorneys, mediators, and sympathetic family court judges does not always make it any easier. In an age where personal importance is often determined by the number of social media followers a person has, it […]

Three Things Your Divorce Attorney Hates Hearing

A family law attorney will work with you to protect your rights and obtain a divorce agreement that is advantageous or at the very least tolerable. However, there are certain things that you as a client may do that frustrates even the most professional law practice. These actions can hurt your case and make it […]

Common Threats Made During Separation

Couples who are not legally married or who are married but not yet ready to file for a divorce often separate. The separation can be as informal as moving to another room within a shared residence or as serious as moving out of the house entirely. This period of uncertainty is stressful as both partners […]

Why Keeping Your Family Out of the Loop During a Divorce is a Bad Idea

Getting divorced is never easy for a couple, and one of the most difficult parts of the painful process is telling family members and friends that your marriage is ending. The conversation is often uncomfortable, embarrassing, and emotional, leading some adults to put off discussing the divorce for as long as possible. Unfortunately, refusing to […]

Advice for Asking Your Fiancé to Sign a Prenup

Prenuptial agreements are making a comeback as millennials who wait to get married until after establishing themselves financially search for ways to protect their hard won premarital assets. These agreements are also becoming more common among those who remarry later in life and seek ways to protect the inheritances of their children from their second […]

How a Habit of Loyalty Can Hurt You During a Divorce

Loyalty is one of the foundational elements of marriage, and the longer a marriage lasts, the more deeply ingrained loyalty often becomes. Studies have shown that loyalty during a marriage makes a family happier, but during a divorce, your past relationship norms could cause problems.  While most focus on the way a divorce divides children, […]

Options for Those Who Marry a Dishonest Spouse

Dishonesty that is discovered during a marriage is one of the leading causes for divorce cited by those participating in post-divorce research studies. A spouse who has lied either verbally or through an action makes it difficult for some to continue with a relationship. Lack of trust makes it impossible for some to live with, […]

Tips for Working Towards an Amicable Co-Parenting Relationship

The road to effective co-parenting is not easy and you should not expect a healthy relationship to be established overnight. After spending months or more battling over custody, support payments, and marital assets, you should not expect to become friendly with your former spouse immediately after the divorce is settled. Building a healthy post-divorce or […]

Should You Work with Your Spouse During Your Divorce?

Contested divorces occur when couples are unable to agree on major issues that must be resolved before the split is finalized. A certain amount of communication is necessary between either you and your spouse or your attorney and your spouse’s attorney to reach an agreement. However, working with your spouse directly with or without a […]

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