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Tips for Dealing with an Ex Who Will Not Pay Uninsured Medical Expenses

Medical coverage is one of the issues that parents must discuss during the divorce or child custody process. Maintaining health insurance for a child is often included in the custody and child support decree with the amount paid to keep medical insurance used to calculate child support amounts. Usually, the custody and child support agreement […]

Why Online Divorce is Not Always a Good Idea

Over the past few years, the online “do it yourself” divorce industry has grown. Companies all over the United States promise to make uncontested divorces easy, affordable, and less time consuming. Some have even created apps that couples can use to manage their divorce filings. Unfortunately, couples who have attempted to use online divorce companies […]

How Mortgages can Cause Post-Divorce Credit Problems

The most expensive asset a couple typically purchases together during their marriage is a home. Unlike vehicles bought as a couple, partners cannot take the property with them after their divorce is finalized. Deciding how the house is disposed of becomes difficult if one partner wants to keep the house while the other person wants […]

First Steps to Take When Rebuilding Credit After a Divorce

Finances suffer during a divorce no matter how cooperative two adults are, due to the costs associated with legal proceedings and reestablishing a single-income household. Once your divorce is finalized, rebuilding your credit as a single adult should be one of your first priorities.  Without the cushion of an additional income, especially if you were […]

Back to School Tips for Separated Parents

As summer comes to an end and children and parents prepare for the beginning of a new school year, some anxiety is only natural. Children must adjust to a new teacher and new classmates while their parents must get accustomed to a different routine. When a couple is newly separated, the stress associated with the […]

Getting Divorced While Expecting a Baby

Obtaining a divorce is difficult when both parties are unable to agree on major issues. If a spouse is pregnant during the time that divorce is initiated, things can become even more complicated. While Georgia does not prevent a couple from filing for divorce while a spouse is pregnant, the impending birth can affect how […]

Why School Divorce Resources are a Good Option for Your Children

No matter how hard you and your spouse attempt to keep a pending divorce from affecting your children, it is impossible to shield them completely. Children of divorce often have difficulty expressing their feelings and sometimes blame themselves for their parents’ marital problems.  While it is natural for parents to want to keep their divorce […]

Simple Ways to Save Money During a Divorce

Once the divorce process begins, it is not unusual for both partners to find themselves facing financial difficulties. Neither adult has the income of the spouse to rely on and both must pay legal fees that increase if the divorce takes longer than expected to complete. Fortunately, there are ways to get through a divorce […]

What Not to do if You are a Man Going Through a Divorce

On his or her wedding day, the average person believes he or she is making the first step towards the rest of his or her life. Unfortunately, over half of all marriages end in divorce, making that long-ago wedding day possibly a memory tinged with regret. After it becomes apparent that a marriage cannot be […]

Establishing a Separation Support System

If you have decided that leaving your spouse is the best choice for your individual situation, then you will need to have a strong support system. Women and men who decide to get divorced often focus on making financial and legal plans. Few people remember to safeguard their emotional health by identifying people in their […]

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