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Tips for Handling Your First Parent Teacher Conference as a Single Parent

The end of a relationship is hard for all parties, especially once it becomes necessary to discuss a traditionally private situation with the public. Parents are often placed in the uncomfortable position of explaining their newly single status to teachers and other school staff members during their first post-divorce parent teacher conference. If you are […]

Keeping Legal Plans Private Can Help You

The average person does not truly expect to end up involved in any type of lengthy legal proceedings. Even individuals who invest in prenuptial agreements or other contracts designed to keep a person out of court are often unprepared for the reality of being served with a court order.  After litigation begins, it is natural […]

Why Using Social Media to Attack Your Ex Usually Backfires

Each week social media and news outlets report a story about a relatively small disagreement quickly going viral. Unfortunately, thousands of stories about social media fights going wrong still fail to discourage most people from doing the same, especially when they are in the middle of a bitter divorce. If you or someone close to […]

Do Not be Afraid to Ask for Alimony

Spousal support is something that most people now associate with celebrities and those whom have earned or inherited a fortune. In the past, it was considered normal for a divorced former housewife to expect some form of financial maintenance, but as two-income households became more common, alimony laws changed. Today, adults who divorce are still […]

Whom Does Child Support Reform Really Benefit?

Child support is a controversial topic that is often credited as one of the catalysts for the creation of the anti-child support part of the growing father’s right movement. The majority of single parents paying child support are men, causing fathers to be more likely to face consequences and penalties for failing to pay support. […]

What to do if You Discover Your Spouse’s Infidelity

Infidelity is something that no spouse is ever truly prepared to deal with, but unfortunately, infidelity is more common than most adults realize. Multiple studies have shown that approximately 41% of all marriages have at least one spouse who has admitted to cheating. Of the divorces that occur within the United States 15% state that […]

What Happens When You Miss a Family Court Hearing

The family court system in Georgia has jurisdiction over various legal matters such as child support, child custody, adoption, paternity verification, divorce, legal separation, and domestic violence. If you are seeking a legal order regarding a family law matter, eventually you will appear before a judge to have your agreement approved or denied. Depending on […]

Are You a Victim of Child Support Fraud?

In January of 2007, Georgia child support law changed to incorporate the income and expenses of both parents when calculating monthly support obligation amounts. The new formula was meant to make support payments fair to both parties while ensuring that children of the relationship were cared for financially. While the change has been mostly beneficial, […]

Preparing to Receive Child Custody Psychological Evaluation Results

The final determination of child custody is often based on what the court believes is in the best interest of the child. Unfortunately, when two parents are fighting for custody and the child is unwilling or unable to express a preference the court may utilize the aid of a child psychologist when making its final […]

Are Post-Divorce Parenting Classes Beneficial?

Learning to work with a former spouse after a divorce is finalized is not the only thing a newly-divorced individual has to worry about. Couples who have children must also find ways to help their children grow accustomed to living in a single-parent household and provide support if any behavioral or educational problems present themselves. […]

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