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Dealing with Your Spouse’s Friends During a Divorce

Everything tends to get divided as a divorce progresses, and often that includes friends. Once you and your spouse have announced your plans to separate, your relationships with certain people may become strained. In some situations, friends who are close to your spouse may even treat you with open hostility. The way you interact with […]

Why Dating During a Divorce is Not a Good Idea

By the time a couple initiates the divorce process, both parties understand that their relationship will undergo a permanent change that includes leaving each person free to start new romantic relationships. It may take time for everyone to adjust, but eventually, dating different people and seeing your former spouse enter a new relationship will seem […]

Two Ways to Ruin a Divorce Case

Since divorce has become more socially acceptable and common, many mistakenly believe that the divorce process is easy. In spite of numerous legal changes that have occurred over the years to make getting a divorce accessible to all people, there are still several ways that a person’s lack of knowledge can ruin a divorce case. […]

Pros and Cons of Georgia Child Support Enforcement

Child support is often awarded to custodial parents in order to ensure the non-custodial parent provides financial assistance to children from a relationship that has ended. Some parents choose to handle child support privately without involving the court system at all. In this situation, the non-custodial parent will give money directly to the custodial parent […]

Advice for Moving Out After a Divorce

Once the divorce process is finalized, one or both parties may need to move out of the home they once shared. Moving is stressful under the best circumstances, and the added awkwardness of maneuvering around a recently divorced spouse can make the situation even more difficult to manage. There are a few things that you […]

Advice for Entering the Work Force After a Divorce

Once a couple has gotten a divorce, it is common for one or both parties to experience a substantial drop in their standard of living. This drop is more pronounced if one party was a stay-at-home parent who was financially dependent on the income of his or her spouse. Though spousal support is an option, […]

Creating a Financial to-do List After a Separation

Once you and your spouse or partner have decided to separate, there are a few financial matters that you cannot afford to overlook. Though a married person may be unable to completely extricate him or herself from a spouse financially until after the divorce, there are a few things that can be done to make […]

Three Places to Look for Hidden Assets

One of the first things that you and your spouse will be required to do once a divorce is filed is complete a financial disclosure. This disclosure lists all of your shared assets, your current income amount, and anything else pertaining to your marital finances. The disclosures are necessary to help the judge decide what […]

Understanding Joint Legal Custody

Custody of minor children is one of the most contested issues during a divorce or the end of a long term relationship. Both parents often wish to retain physical custody of their children in order to preserve their parent-child bond or to reduce the financial obligation of child support.  During child custody hearings in Georgia, […]

Should You Request Lump Sum Alimony?

Spousal maintenance payments, often referred to as alimony, are paid by one spouse to the other after their divorce is finalized. Alimony payments can be temporary, ending after the recipient finishes school, acquires a job, or when the court feels the spouse should be self-sufficient. In other situations, alimony is paid until one spouse passes […]

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