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Tips for Coping with a High Conflict Divorce


A contested divorce can quickly go from tense to confrontational as your spouse grows frustrated with the legal process. Since your spouse cannot lash out at his or her attorney, the judge, or anyone else involved with the case it is not unusual for your ex to focus all of his or her anger on […]

Advice for Co-Parenting with Someone You Dislike

Immediately following a bitter divorce, it is possible that you will thoroughly dislike your former partner. A contentious custody battle and fighting over child support often make it hard for a former couple to see eye to eye or even communicate in an effective manner. Unfortunately, once the custody agreement becomes a court order, a […]

Avoiding Second Marriage Ceremony Disasters

The decision to remarry following a divorce has become more popular over the years. While multiple marriages no longer carry the stigma they once did, they do create some logistical problems that a couple may have to overcome. Even if the relationship is uneventful, it is a good idea to spend time discussing and preparing […]

Common Blended Family Growing Pains

Combining two families has brought happiness and completion into the lives of many people by creating a cohesive family unit. However, these ideal blended families rarely start out smoothly.  Multiple people adjusting to sharing a space, learning each other’s routines, and combining parenting styles is difficult to adjust to. Even though most expect there to […]

Possible Uncontested Divorce Setbacks

An uncontested divorce occurs when both parties are able to agree on all major issues including property division and, in some circumstances, child custody. The average uncontested divorce in Georgia is completed in a few weeks, saving both parties a substantial amount of money and time. The speed and ease of most uncontested divorces allows […]

Tips for Handling Shared Medical Expenses Disputes

During a divorce, parents are often concerned about their child’s mental and emotional well-being. Numerous studies have shown that divorce can have a serious effect on a child’s behavior and esteem. Unfortunately, many parents who are concerned about their child’s emotional health and behavior do not prepare for handling their child’s physical health in the […]

Tips for Creating a Realistic Budget for Your Post Divorce Life

One of the most difficult parts of negotiating a divorce is determining how much money or assets each person deserves to walk away with. When working with your attorney to decide what type of settlement is fair, it is important that you create a realistic budget for your post-divorce life. Asking for too little money […]

Advice for Coping with a Divorce Initiation

Even if divorce has previously been discussed, or a spouse has threatened to leave during an argument, realizing that your spouse has initiated the legal divorce process is often a shock. Under the best of circumstances, divorce is an emotional roller coaster and being served with papers or contacted by an attorney when one least […]

Tips for Selling a House During a Divorce

Once a couple decides to get a divorce, both parties must agree on the best way to divide marital assets. A couple with a house may choose to keep the house with one partner assuming the full financial responsibility, but unless the house is refinanced, both of the adults on the mortgage loan remain responsible […]

Why Your Lawyer Needs to Know About Domestic Violence Accusations

The connection between domestic violence and divorce is one that psychologists continue to explore. One thing that is not often discussed is how false allegations of domestic abuse can negatively affect a divorce or custody case. Being accused of domestic violence is stressful and can play a major role in your case, but embarrassment often […]

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