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Four Ways a Do-it-Yourself Divorce can Go Wrong

Over the past two decades the Internet has made information sharing easier and given average people access to tools that previously would have cost them thousands of dollars. One Internet resource that has grown in popularity over the years is free and inexpensive legal advice. While being able to find answers to simple questions is […]

Ways to Handle Uncomfortable Questions About Child Custody

Child custody cases are stressful and can often take months or years to reach any type of resolution. During an emotionally draining child custody dispute, the last thing any adult wants to do is answer questions from curious people about the case. Unfortunately, there are some people in your life and your children’s lives who […]

Two Ways to Prepare for a Child Custody Hearing

Child custody laws in the United States are complicated, and the average separating parent can expect to spend several months (and hundreds of dollars) determining how best to share custody of a child. Eventually, both parents will need to attend a hearing to receive a decision from the judge hearing the case or have the […]

Unpopular Divorce Advice That Could Save Your Future

The instant a married person announces his or her intentions to get a divorce, he or she often receives an abundant amount of unsolicited advice. Some of that advice may seem unrealistic or offensive, but often the most unpopular divorce advice received is ultimately what provides the most tangible help. Instead of reacting to advice […]

Why was My Hearing Postponed?

After spending several months preparing for your day in court, the news that your hearing is being rescheduled often comes as a shock. A Motion for Continuance is not unusual, but it is not something that everyone with a scheduled court date anticipates. Though in most cases, rescheduling a hearing is a minor inconvenience, if […]

Ways to Protect Marital Property Without Crossing the Line

Fighting over marital assets is not that unusual once a contested divorce picks up steam. Both parties want to protect their rights to joint property and neither party truly trusts the other spouse. Unfortunately, in an effort to protect your property and keep your spouse from absconding with valuable items, you may accidentally go overboard […]

Two Things You Should Never do After Receiving a Family Court Summons

When a family law related dispute advances to the point that legal action is necessary, one party will eventually receive a summons to appear in court. These documents are served by the sheriff, a private process server, or the opposing party themselves. Once the reality of the situation and the fact that you must now […]

Tips for Preparing for a Modification Hearing

An involuntary change in financial circumstances may create a situation that makes it difficult or impossible to pay court ordered support. Falling behind in either spousal support or child support can place a former spouse or noncustodial parent in a precarious legal position. Instead of continuing to fall behind while hoping for a miracle to […]

Why Your Child Might Not Want to Live With You

Disputes regarding the custody of minor children often add months to a contentious divorce. No parent wants to sacrifice the ability to spend time with his or her child, but unless shared parenting is an option both parties are interested in, eventually one will be granted primary custody. While the court ultimately makes its decision […]

Types of Investments Affected by Divorce

A contested divorce can quickly turn into one of the most expensive legal battles an adult engages in during his or her lifetime. Few people come out of their divorce unscathed and many spend years recovering emotionally as well as financially. Though most are prepared for the process of dividing various assets, some do not […]

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