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Understanding Child Support Amnesty

Attitudes surrounding child support are rapidly changing as both state and federal lawmakers explore the negative impact child support can have familial relationships and personal financial growth. Studies have shown that even when a noncustodial parent is unable to pay the full amount of child support that the court has ordered, he or she is […]

What Should I do if My Ex Threatens Me?

Once a divorce or custody dispute is over, there may still be problems between you and your ex-partner. Anger over child support, spousal maintenance, property division, or custody rulings may leave your former partner with feelings of anger and resentment. Though these feelings usually become less pronounced over the years, initially, they may lead to […]

The Dangers of Not Disciplining Your Child During a Divorce

Behavioral problems during and after a divorce occur in children of all ages. While parents are often prepared to deal with these issues, not every parent knows what approach is best to take with his or her child. One option that can lead to problems later in life is deciding not to discipline your child. […]

Why Your Lawyer Needs to Communicate on Your Behalf

Communication is one of the most important parts of any family law case. Resolving a dispute over property divisions, custody, or support payments usually happens once all parties are able to talk and come to an agreement that is beneficial to everyone. Unfortunately, in certain scenarios, talking to the other party is not in your […]

Dealing with a Pending Settlement Award During a Divorce

The average couple going through a divorce only has to face the difficult task of dividing assets acquired during a marriage. Unfortunately, an already complicated situation can become even more problematic when one spouse is expecting to receive a settlement. Over the past few years, legal proceedings involving a pending settlement have started impacting divorce […]

How Not to Get a Spouse to Move Out During a Separation

Once a marriage ends, your former partner may be ready to move on from the relationship but not ready to move out of a joint house. When both partners legally own a home and neither wants to give up his or her rights to the marital property, things can quickly become complicated.  While it is […]

Notify Your Attorney in Case of Emergency

In any type of family court proceeding it may seem as though everything that happens between you and the other party should be immediately reported to your attorney. While your attorney does need to remain aware of anything that could affect your case, not everything requires an emergency after-hours phone call. It is difficult for […]

How to Avoid Antagonizing a Spouse During a Divorce

Once you or your spouse file for divorce, the last thing on your mind is keeping him or her happy or even being friendly. However, being openly hostile to your spouse can cause problems and purposefully antagonizing your spouse could prove disastrous. A thoroughly aggravated spouse may go out of his or her way to […]

Dealing with Property Loss During a Divorce

The loss of any property due to an unforeseen event or disaster is always devastating. In recent years, Georgia residents have experienced many types of emergencies that have led to millions of dollars in damage. Even with preparedness, quick response, and assistance from the state government it can take years for a person to completely […]

The Logistics of Dividing a Joint Business After a Separation

When the husband and wife stars of the HGTV reality television show ‘Flip or Flop’ announced their separation, fans of the show immediately began speculating on the show’s future since they could not imagine a couple working together publicly after a divorce. It is not unusual for couples to launch businesses together and though couple-owned […]

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