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Child Support Misconceptions

Once a relationship has ended, a couple with minor children must still work together to ensure their children receive the care possible. Child support laws were established to help children receive financial assistance from both of their parents after the couple no longer lives together. Throughout the last decade, major changes in the way child […]

Keeping Divorce Details Secret While Living with a Spouse

In the past it was common for one partner to move out of the shared home the instant divorce proceedings were initiated. Now divorce attorneys discourage this action, especially if you hope to be awarded the house during the divorce or you cannot afford to maintain a marital home and a new apartment simultaneously. As […]

Common Alimony Myths

Spousal maintenance, also known as alimony, is a form of compensation awarded to a spouse after a divorce. The payments can be temporary, permanent, made monthly, or disbursed in one lump sum. Prior to starting the divorce process, most adults have little knowledge of alimony and often, their opinions are based on bits of gossip […]

How to Handle a Prenuptial Agreement Request From Your Fiancé

A growing number of millennials are using prenuptial agreements to protect their personal and professional assets prior to getting married. The changing trend is largely influenced by the larger percentage of adults who are only interested in getting married after they have established themselves financially and professionally. Unfortunately, even though more people are using prenuptial […]

Three Things That can Go Wrong After an Amicable DIY Divorce

Divorce does not always have to be a battle; there are times when a couple who are no longer comfortable being married to each other can continue to maintain a healthy friendship. When couples agree on all major issues associated with their divorce, it is usually easier and more affordable to pursue an uncontested divorce. […]

Types of Financial Retaliation

Threats and manipulation are both common during a divorce or legal separation. A person who is influenced by emotions may say or do anything to lash out at a former partner. Unfortunately, some people make their threats a reality, causing lasting harm to their former spouse and the children of that relationship. While most people […]

Tips for Navigating Holiday Shopping as a Single Parent

As the holiday shopping season kicks off, many newly-single parents find themselves in the awkward position of preparing for a holiday alone with their kids. After years of planning, preparing, and celebrating holidays as part of parental duo doing everything by yourself can require a great deal of mental adjustments.  One of the biggest stumbling […]

Four Ways People Accidentally Hide Assets During a Divorce

Property division during a divorce can easily become as bad, or worse, than a child custody dispute. Each partner wants to leave the marriage with what he or she believes is a fair portion of the joint assets, and often each partner has a different understanding of the term “fair.”  Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements give […]

Why Parents Should Not Conceal a Child’s Misbehavior

Behavioral problems in children are a common part of divorce. Children of various ages who are not sure how to process the news of their parents’ relationship ending may cope with the change by engaging in destructive or unacceptable behavior. Though parents are advised to deal with the problems together if possible, occasionally one parent […]

Why Quitting Your Job to Avoid Child Support Never Ends Well

Financial threats made during divorce are common and usually not taken seriously. A person who is hurt, angry, and stressed out will say many things that he or she will come to regret over the course of a legal dispute. Unfortunately, quitting a job to avoid paying child support is one threat that people often […]

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