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Who Pays Visitation Expenses?

After the custody battle is over and visitation is established, that does not mean that a couple will never have a disagreement again. Once parents begin following their court ordered visitation schedule, problems that were not previously considered often come up. A common question that one or both parents will find themselves asking is who […]

Tips for Preparing for Thanksgiving Visitations

The holiday season is stressful under normal circumstances, but during or immediately following the end of a relationship, holidays can become problematic. A former couple with children must find a way to navigate major holidays like Thanksgiving while adhering to their court ordered schedule. Since holiday visitation schedules often alternate, keeping track of which parent […]

Can I Settle a Custody Dispute Without a Court Hearing?

A custody-related disagreement that occurs during or after a divorce can quickly become time consuming and expensive. Communicating through attorneys, waiting for a court hearing, and dealing with any postponements that occur frustrate even the most patient of adults. Finding ways to settle a custody dispute without a court hearing is something that many parents […]

When Should the Police be Involved in a Divorce?

Police involvement during a divorce is not unusual, but if you are a person who has never contacted the police for any reason other than to report a traffic accident, knowing when to call the police is hard. No one wants to call the police for a reason that they believe will be considered frivolous, […]

Why Would My Spouse Hide Assets?

Most marriages are built upon trust, and even after a divorce is initiated, spouses still believe that they can rely on their former partners to be honest during negotiations. Unfortunately, a spouse who is nervous about his or her financial future or believes that he or she is entitled to a larger share of assets […]

Ways an Ex-Partner can Use Your Children Against You

Shielding children from physical and emotional harm is the primary concern of most parents who are going through a difficult separation or divorce. Finding ways to co-parent effectively and keeping your children from becoming too involved in the situation are two of the most difficult parts of divorcing with kids. Unfortunately, not all parents place […]

Why Was My Child Support Modification Request Denied?

Each year parents throughout the United States pay or receive over $30 billion dollars in child support. Job loss, wage reduction, and other unforeseen events often impact a noncustodial parent’s ability to make timely payments, leading to 25% child support default rate. Requesting a child support modification is an option available for those who cannot […]

Tips for Protecting Your Privacy

A person who is in the middle of a divorce or who has recently separated is often in the uncomfortable position of answering awkward questions asked by those who are curious about his or her situation. Though discussing a private situation is not always easy, answering questions is usually better than having third-parties attempting to […]

Signs of Paternity Fraud

Custody and support issues play a large role in divorces or separations involving children.  Parents may spend years trying to come to terms that both parties can agree on, often spending thousands of dollars in legal fees. After finally securing custody rights and agreeing to financially support a child, finding out that the child is […]

How to Fight Against Paternity Fraud

In the past, accusing a woman of lying about the paternity of a child during a divorce or breakup was viewed as nothing more than a way to attack her out of anger. Today, research has shown that thousands of men are the victims of paternity fraud each year, causing a great deal of emotional and […]

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