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What Should I do with My House?

The most valuable piece of property owned by most couples is their house. A house represents a large financial investment and holds significant sentimental value to both adults and their children. During a divorce a couple may spend months, or even years, fighting for control of the house. Unfortunately, once the house is awarded to […]

Divorce Preparation Checklist

A divorce is a time consuming, stressful, and emotionally draining process that millions of adults go through annually. Even though divorce in the United States is common, few people, including those who are getting divorced for a second time, are fully prepared when the time to file comes.  If you are someone who is considering […]

Tips for Dealing with Adult Children During a Divorce

Over the past two decades, the number of adults over the age of 50 who are getting divorced has doubled. Even though “gray divorce” is becoming more common, when an older couple decides to divorce, their friends and family members are often caught off guard. Adult children in particular have a difficult time adjusting to […]

Why Direct Child Support Payments are a Bad Idea

A couple who is going through a divorce will find themselves faced with multiple financial questions to answer. Property division, child custody, and asset sharing must be discussed with your attorney, your former spouse, or the court. A person who is ordered to pay child support or spousal support may feel that giving support payments […]

Why You Must Take Divorce Threats Seriously

Marriages rarely deteriorate overnight. Most couples experience a slow decline in their relationship as their interactions decrease while their arguments increase. Eventually one partner may begin threatening to file for divorce. This threat may only occur once, or it may become a common part of your arguments or disagreements.

While it is possible that the statements […]

Three Things to Never Hide from a Co-Parent

Once a post-divorce or break up custody dispute is resolved, many former partners want nothing to do with each other. Unfortunately, most parents must work together to co-parent their mutual children. While it is possible to keep contact to a minimum, there are times when you must provide the other parent with information. Failing to […]

Separation Mistakes and Their Repercussions

Separating from a spouse is a common precursor to a divorce. A couple who can no longer share a bed or a home may need to stay away from each other, especially if they believe their divorce will be volatile. Separation gives both parties time to prepare for the end of their marriage while simultaneously […]

Setting Boundaries with a New Romantic Partner

Finding love and establishing a healthy relationship after a divorce often helps heal your self-esteem or emotional pain. Experts caution against jumping into a serious relationship too quickly, but once you have grown more comfortable with your newly single status and its new challenges, a happy relationship is beneficial to everyone. While a new relationship […]

Tips for Handling Post-Divorce Emergencies

An accident or serious illness that is affecting a child is one of the most stressful and painful situations that a parent can go through. Not knowing how to react and being unsure of what will happen is bad under normal circumstances, but if you have recently gotten a divorce, things are often much more […]

Why You Should Involve Your Children in Certain Child Custody Discussions


Determining how to handle child custody is one of the most difficult aspects of a divorce involving minor children. Neither parent wants to sacrifice time with the children, especially when those children are too young to fully understand that their parents are separating. Usually it is best to keep children out of discussions involving the […]

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