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Supporting Your Children During a Separation

Not being physically present for your children after you and their other parent separate is difficult to bear. It is common for parents to experience feelings of guilt, anger, and doubt once they have moved out of the home they previously shared with their children. Fortunately, there are ways to go about supporting your children […]

Taking Care of Yourself During a Divorce

Once the divorce process starts, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the need to provide emotional support to your children, financially support your joint household, and help your attorney gain documents needed to pursue a fair divorce settlement. In the onslaught of divorce-related duty, one thing that is often overlooked is your own physical […]

Who You Should NOT Listen to During a Divorce

After you file for divorce or make your intention to file known, expect to receive a great deal of advice from multiple sources. Some of these sources are well informed, all of these sources are eager to provide answers to your questions, but not every source will have your best interest in mind. Once you […]

Reasons to Stay Off Social Media Entirely Until Your Case is Settled

The month of January usually leads to a noticeable increase in divorce filings. People who are unhappy in their marriage and want to fully embrace the idea of starting the new year with a major life change will initiate divorce proceedings. In fact, some attorneys call the first business day in January “divorce day” because […]

Tips for Maintaining Productivity During Your Case

No matter how you find yourself in family court, chances are that your ongoing case will cause a great deal of stress and depression. Mental health issues during divorce, custody, and other family law cases are common often affecting a person’s employment or ability to care for loved ones. Depression, anxiety, and other issues have […]

Advice for Creating a Realistic Co-Parenting Schedule

Couples with children that are going through a break up may have a difficult time determining a fair way to share their parenting time. Even when a couple is able to agree on other custody and support related issues, creating an actual co-parenting schedule can lead to a negotiation stalemate. While overcoming this obstacle in […]

How Behavior During a Divorce can Affect You

Anger, hurt, and depression are all emotions that you may feel during different stages of your divorce. These feelings may influence your behavior, leading to some less-than-rational decisions. While your attorney and the court understands how difficult your situation is, your behavior could still impact the outcome of your divorce. Words, actions, and overall behavior […]

Five Things to do While You are Separated

Once the end of a marriage becomes unavoidable, people often focus on what they should not do while they are separated so that they do not find themselves in legal trouble during their divorce. However, there are also things to do while you are separated that will help you before, during, and after your divorce […]

Actions to Avoid While You Litigate

No person is perfect, and during any court case we all run the risk of doing something out of fear or spite that causes more trouble than we expected. Regardless of your initial intentions, once you have acted, your entire case may be impacted. When it comes to any type of case that will eventually […]

Grounds for a Fault Divorce

A person who is considering a divorce typically has the choice of claiming fault or no fault. No fault divorces are common since they do not require either party to prove that the divorce was the fault of the other spouse. Typically, the reason given for a no fault divorce is some variation of “irreconcilable […]

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