Monthly Archives: April 2018

Tips for Success as a Single Parent

Not every person has children with the expectation that they will become single parents. The average child support attorney consults with potential clients who are shocked and scared by the possibility of raising their children alone. While being a single parent after a separation is not easy, it is something that thousands of adults throughout […]

Why You and Your Spouse Should Never Use the Same Divorce Attorney

Getting a divorce is one of the most expensive legal choices that an average adult can expect to make during his or her lifetime. Multiple studies have shown that divorce is the greatest destroyer of established wealth within the United States and very few make a full financial recovery. Finding ways to minimize the cost […]

Four Things You Should do After You Separate

Separating from your spouse does not always mean that you will get a divorce. Even some couples who have navigated the slippery slope of dating while separated have eventually reconciled. Just remember, while you may have hopes of reuniting with an estranged spouse, the separation was necessary for a reason. ┬áIt is possible to keep […]

Custody Agreement Details That Should Not be Overlooked

The time it takes to get a divorce and resolve custody issues varies from case to case. However, if two parents are unable to agree on a parenting plan, it could take more than a year to come to an agreement. Once the couple has managed to find a custody plan that they can agree […]

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