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Repercussions of Restricting Your Spouses Access to the Marital Home

A bitter divorce that is fueled by anger and distrust can lead to many bad choices being made by both parties. There are a number of things that a person going through a divorce can do that will seriously hurt his or her chances of receiving a fair settlement. One of the most harmful things […]

Why Hiding Assets is Not Worth the Risk

Both spouses are expected to fully disclose their income sources and available assets in the early stages of divorce. On this form, a financial disclosure, both parties are swearing under oath that they are providing truthful and accurate information. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for a person to attempt to hide assets from a spouse […]

Separation Mistakes to Avoid

The period of a marital separation is never easy. Regardless of how bad the marriage was, it can be hard to find your equilibrium during the separation period. Making mistakes is common, but there are a few separation mistakes to avoid at all costs. These mistakes could seriously affect your relationship with children if you […]

Dealing With Teen Rebellion

Children of divorce are more likely to experience behavioral problems, especially if they older.  Even though an older child may understand why the divorce is necessary and support the divorce itself, he or she may still have a hard time adjusting. After a contentious divorce and a restructuring of life, the average parent may have […]

Tips for Communicating With Your Kids via Social Media After a Divorce

Social media is part of everyone’s lives and has quickly become one of the most popular way for people to communicate privately. During and after a divorce, some parents have found that using social media to communicate with their children is an easier option than going through a potential hostile former spouse. However, it is […]

Mid-Divorce Boundaries

Navigating a divorce is difficult, with the change in relationship dynamics playing a large role in the ensuing confusion. After being one-half of a couple for years, it is often hard for a virtually single person to adjust to the new relationship boundaries that are necessary if both people hope to move on once the […]

Words of Wisdom from the Newly Divorced

Going through a divorce is something for which no one is truly prepared. Even though the divorce rates in the United States are still relatively high, no person who gets married does so with the expectation of getting divorced at some point in the future. Though the idea of preparing for a divorce at the […]

Tips for Post-Divorce Financial Recovery

When people discuss divorce, they often focus on the loss of a romantic relationship and the problems that children of divorce often experience. While the end of a relationship and the difficulties of parenting during a divorce are major issues, one should never overlook the havoc wreaked on finances during a divorce. Both men and […]

Biggest Divorce Mistakes Made by Stay-at-Home Parents

In the United States, the cost of child care has continued to rise with over 30% of families spending 20% of their income on child care alone. When combined with the cost of housing, the average American family with children can expect to spend 57% of their annual income on child care and housing. With […]

What to do if Your Spouse Accuses You of Hiding Assets

It is common for one or both spouses to hurl accusations at each other during the course of a divorce. Even a relatively amicable divorce will involve instances of one or both parties not believing each other or having difficulty communicating over sensitive matters. Money is often a major matter of contention between couples, with […]

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