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New Georgia Child Support Program: A Positive Outlook

The Georgia child support laws are set up to punish parents who do not pay their child support by garnishing the payments from paychecks, intercepting federal and state tax refunds, suspending the parent’s driver’s license, or imposing fines or jail time. The court system did not have provisions in place to listen to the reasoning […]

Five Things You Should Never do During a Divorce

The process of divorce is full of tightly-wound tension, wildly-running emotions, and divorcing couples often find themselves making ill-fated decisions in the heat of the moment. Considering the amount of practical, emotional, and financial details that need to be sorted out during this time, it is not shocking that most couples end up making mistakes […]

What You Should Know About Spousal Support if You are Divorcing in Georgia

The Divorce Code of 1980 was established to help the court determine whether a divorcing spouse is entitled to spousal support or not. Most divorcing couples are not fully aware of the laws pertaining to spousal support, and there are many misconceptions surrounding the topic. If you and your spouse are divorcing, you should consult […]

What is Considered Marital Property and Separate Property in a Georgia Divorce?

Most people believe that when spouses divorce, the property and assets that they have acquired during the marriage are split between the two spouses equally. However, in Georgia, which is an “equitable distribution state,” this is not entirely true. If you are divorcing and you are worried about how your assets and property will be […]

Social Media Activity to Tell Your Lawyer About

After a breakup, it is surprisingly common for both spouses to spend time constantly checking each other’s social media accounts. Whether a person is searching for evidence of bad behavior or just curious about what a spouse is doing during the separation, it is possible that questionable behavior will be revealed. Unfortunately, it can be […]

Actions That can Lose You Custody of Your Children

Today there are dozens of divorce horror stories that involve one or both parties indulging in juvenile behavior. These sordid tales often feature an angry adult doing something cringe-inducing to either get back at a spouse or to vent rage over his or her legal predicament.  Every person who has gone through a divorce understands […]

Attempts to Beat the System That May Backfire

The average person is never fully prepared to get a divorce. No matter how often you have fought with your spouse and even if you have gotten divorced before, few people who get married truly expect their relationship to end with divorce. Since divorce is one of the most expensive legal processes a person can […]

What Not to do After Discovering Your Spouse is Cheating

Infidelity during marriage is closely linked to divorce since a person who discovers that his or her spouse has cheated is statistically more likely to separate or get divorced. Unfortunately, there is no way to predict who will cheat or when cheating may occur, leaving many men and women completely unprepared to handle their discovery. […]

When Shared Parenting is Not a Good Idea

Shared parenting is a form of custody that allows both parents to have equal physical time with their children. Shared parenting allows the children to have an equal relationship with each parent and allows the parents an opportunity to work together to raise their mutual children. Though there are psychological benefits to this type of […]

Will I Have to Pay Alimony?

Alimony has always been a difficult topic for those who are going through a divorce. The idea of financially supporting a person with whom they are no longer in a relationship does not sit well with most adults. Now that tax laws concerning alimony being a deductible expense may change, more people than ever are […]

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