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Good Reasons to Request Custody Modifications

Parents who discover that a child custody arrangement no longer works as well as it once did are often able to file a request for the court to modify the existing custody order. This article reviews several of the most common reasons why a parent might seek to modify an existing child custody order. In […]

Placing a Father’s Name on a Child’s Birth Certificate

If a child’s parents are married at the time of birth, the father’s name will be automatically added to the birth certificate because in the eyes of the law, the mother’s husband is presumed to be the father of her child. In situations in which a mother is not married at the time of birth, […]

Ways to Ease the Pain of Divorce

One of the most common questions asked by people who are navigating a divorce is what steps they can take to effectively handle the complex emotions involved with the process. One of the most common uncomfortable emotions that arise during divorce is fear. Whether it is fear of the unknown or fear of how the […]

Navigating Halloween as a Divorced Parent

Because it is one of the less significant holidays, many divorced families tend to overlook details regarding Halloween celebration. For many children, however, Halloween is a particularly fun and exciting time because it offers the opportunity to dress up and get candy. If you are divorced or separated from a spouse, it is important to […]

Considering Whether a Separate Maintenance is Right for You

Divorce has the potential to be a long, complex process that can leave parties uncertain about how to proceed. For this reason, many couples at the end of their marriage have begun to pursue other options including arbitration and mediation. Sometimes, couples even decide to avoid the court process altogether by pursuing a separate maintenance […]

Your Guide to Grandparents’ Rights Following a Divorce

Divorce is difficult for more than just the former couple and any involved children. Another group of people that must adjust to the numerous changes that occur after a divorce are grandparents. In Georgia, there are some important rules (including O.C.G.A. section 19-7-3) regarding the rights of grandparents following a divorce. As a result, to […]

What You Should Know About Joint Bank Accounts and Divorce

It is common for finances to be a stressor during a divorce. In many situations, former spouses struggle to pay bills as they adapt to being on their own again. Many recent divorcees understandably worry about a former spouse attempting to drain their joint bank account. There are some important things that you should know […]

Helping Children Find Stability After Divorce

No matter how old children are, divorce can have a significant impact on their lives. Rather than remain part of one family, children must now learn how to live among two separate families. As these changes occur, many children find that a lot of things they have grown accustomed to have changed, which is why […]

Common Unexpected Financial Issues after a Divorce

Handling financial difficulties can be stressful under the best circumstances, but many people who are navigating the divorce process discover that it makes matters much more complicated. While there might be some issues that you anticipate encountering following a divorce, there are others that come unexpectedly. While the assistance of a seasoned divorce attorney can […]

Tips for Negotiating Alimony Settlements

Alimony is one of the most discussed topics when it comes to divorce. It is understandable that couples who are navigating the divorce process are hesitant to give one another money, but it is important to understand some of the important details about this process to understand how to anticipate the various issues that might […]

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