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A Brief Guide to the UCCJEA

Much like the Georgia Child Custody Interstate Jurisdiction Act (GCCIJA), the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA) was established to help determine where child custody disputes can be heard. One of the differences between these two bodies of law, however, is that the UCCJEA is intended to resolve interstate child custody disputes, but […]

Helping Adult Children Navigate Their Parents’ Divorce

It is common myth among divorcing couples that older children suffer much less than younger children do when it comes to divorce. In actuality, this is not true because each child responds to a divorce differently and adjusts to life following divorce differently. As a result, parents who wait to divorce until children get older […]

Recognizing the Common Signs of Child Neglect

Children require compassion and the highest degree of care. Unfortunately all too often, parents, grandparents, or guardians fall short of this standard. In some situations, this substandard care can constitute child neglect, which is a serious offense in the state of Georgia. The Child Welfare Department even reports that 2.36 children out of 100,000 children […]

Child Custody Decisions When One Parent is a Drug User

One of the most complex and hotly debated issues between parents in the middle of a divorce is child custody. A great number of family law courts in Georgia place a primary emphasis on the parenting plans that are created between parents. When one parent is believed to be an illicit drug user, parents can […]

Advice to Successful Post Divorce Parenting this Holiday Season

The cornerstone of successful parenting during the holidays is placing the needs of your children first. The following are several important tips that you can follow to make any holiday much easier for your children after a divorce.

Create a Plan in Advance

It is a wise idea to make a detailed plan with the other parent […]

How Divorce can Disrupt a Child’s Education

Education is one of the most critical element in the shaping of a child’s life. Not only is school a place where children form long-lasting bonds with friends, children mature and learn at these locations, as well. Unfortunately, if not properly handled, divorce has the potential to significantly disrupt a child’s education. Fortunately, a skilled […]

Filing as Head of Household Following a Divorce

There are a number of complex issues that a person must navigate following a divorce. One of these is taxes and what status a person will claim once the divorce is complete. While it offers several advantages, there are also important eligibility requirements to consider when filing as a head of household, particularly when compared […]

Recognizing the Signs Your Spouse is Cheating

It is difficult to determine how many marriages end as a result of adultery, but unfortunately, most data suggests that adultery occurs in surprisingly large numbers. While the discovery that a spouse is cheating on you can impact your entire life, it is a wise idea to learn about divorce as soon as possible so […]

Tips to Effectively Co-Parent After a Divorce

Deciding how to raise children with a former spouse can be particularly challenging. Unfortunately, there is not one universal solution to this problems, which means parents must determine for themselves what type of arrangement will work best. There are, however, several important steps that parents can take to effectively co-parent children together after a separation […]

How to Respond When a Spouse Makes Up Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic violence occurs at an alarming rate. The National Domestic Violence Hotline reports that an average of four individuals each minute are victims of rape and domestic violence. Unfortunately, it is also becoming a more common occurrence for one spouse to falsely accuse another spouse of domestic violence so that the accused spouse will be […]

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