Monthly Archives: December 2018

Things You Should Know About Georgia Custody Evaluations

Divorce can be a frightening experience because there is a great amount of uncertainty involved. Some people are uncertain about what lies ahead, whether they can afford the process, and what will happen to their children. It can help to learn as much as possible about the child custody process. One of the most commonly […]

What You Should Know About Rule Nisi in Georgia

Each divorce in Georgia is unique. While some divorces are simple, others are quite complicated. In many cases, before resolving a divorce, hearings are often required to establish certain issues about the separation. It is common for couples who have children together or own joint property to attend temporary hearings. It helps greatly to understand […]

Tips on Refinancing a Mortgage After a Divorce

If you are considering a divorce and own a house, it is common to feel uncertain about what should be done in regards to ownership of the property. Not only is the house often the most valuable asset that a couple owns, in many cases both spouses have also secured ties with the surrounding neighborhood. […]

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