Monthly Archives: March 2019

What to do if You Cannot Afford Child Support Payments

When a person has a reliable paycheck and a steady job, child support payments are often easy to make. If an obstacle arises, however, it can become difficult to continue making child support payments. In these situations, it often becomes critical to obtain a child support modification. While there is not any guarantee that a […]

What to do if Your Spouse Wants a Divorce

Most married couples experience arguments and less than comfortable times. Sometimes, continued challenges in a marriage can cause one spouse to consider the possibility of divorce. If your spouse has gone so far as to bring up the possibility of a divorce, it is common to be left feeling a number of complex emotions. If […]

Protecting Your Parental Rights

Divorce is a stressful time for everyone. Like most stressful events, divorce has a way of affecting everyone differently. If children are involved, the end of a marriage can be a particularly challenging time. In the period following a divorce, it is common to experience difficulty in complying with a custody order or with how […]

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