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The Advantages of Marriage Counseling

While there is no universal solution to save a marriage when one or both spouses are considering divorce, marriage counseling has the potential to greatly help a relationship. Some people even discover that a therapist can help repair a marriage on the brink of collapse. There are a number of advantages offered by obtaining the […]

Methods to Protect Your Children During a Divorce

It is unfortunately a common occurrence for children to be negatively impacted by divorce. If you are considering divorce, there are some things you can do to minimize the negative effects your divorce will have on your children. The following will review some common tactics that parents can use to help protect their children during […]

Advice on Making Divorce Less Difficult

The divorce process has the potential to be emotional and even stressful. Fortunately, by following some important pieces of advice, it is possible to greatly decrease how difficult the end of a marriage is. The following are some of the important steps that you can take to make the divorce process more manageable.

Create an Exit […]

Tips on Handling Social Media During a Divorce

Social media has had a substantial impact on how people interact with each other. Some studies have even determined that a link exists between the nature and amount of social media usage and the quality of a marriage. For couples who are navigating the divorce process, social media usage also has the potential to make […]

What to Tell Your Child’s School About Your Divorce

After you agree with your former spouse to begin telling others about your divorce, you can be left with a number of questions. One of the most pressing questions might be what details about the divorce should be shared with your child’s school.

In these situations, it is important to not wait too long before […]

Essential Items to Include in a Parenting Plan

Children progress through a number of phases as they grow. If you are divorced and have a child, however, it is critical to have a well-written parenting plan that helps to deal with the various obstacles that could arise. Failure to create an adequate parenting plan can make life more difficult for you, your ex, […]

How to Properly Handle a Divorce

Most people want to do what is right, but it can be difficult to know the best way to act following a divorce. The following will review some important pieces of advice for navigating the complex issues that can arise after a divorce.

Always Treat Your Former Spouse with Respect

Regardless of what a spouse might have […]

Divorcing When a Child has a Disability

It is not uncommon for unanticipated obstacles to arise during the divorce process. Sometimes, these obstacles are simple. For example, it can be difficult to find an experienced divorce attorney. Other obstacles are much more complex. For example, negotiating child support and a parenting plan with your soon-to-be-ex spouse when you have a child with […]

Filing Your Taxes for the First Time After a Divorce

It is almost a universal truth that as your marital status changes, so will your tax obligations. In deciding to divorce, it is important to know that if your divorce is finalized by December 31 of the year in which you file taxes, the Internal Revenue Service will consider you unmarried for the entire year […]

Can Divorcing Spouses Share an Attorney?

Getting divorced can be a traumatic experience and the process sometimes even has the potential to forever impact your life. It is also true that divorces can get expensive very quickly. It is common for divorcing spouses to consider using the same attorney to navigate the divorce process. While it is possible for both parties […]

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