Monthly Archives: April 2019

Cleaning up a Social Media Account After a Divorce

After a divorce has been finalized and all of the marital property has been divided, there are often a few small but meaningful things that must be done. One of these activities is cleaning up your social media profiles following a divorce. Because it can often be confusing to determine exactly what to do, the […]

Tips for Communicating with a Spouse About Money

One of the most common causes of divorce are financial disagreements between spouses. These disagreements frequently occur because spouses fail to adequately communicate with one another about finances. The following will review some important tips on how to effectively communicate with your spouse about issues of money.

Remain Informed

It is a wise idea to sit […]

Is 50/50 Custody the Best Option for You?

Not everyone is certain exactly what “shared custody” is and some people confuse the term with joint custody or equal parenting. “Shared” custody, however, typically refers to physical custody situations in which a child lives and spends time with both parents.

While some people might think that shared custody is always best, the appropriateness of […]

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