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Divorcing a Spouse With Substance Abuse Issues

Statistics reveal that there are millions of people in the United States who suffer from alcohol and drug addiction. Not only does battling an addiction leads to problems in a person’s life, it also can create a number of substantial obstacles for a person’s family.

Given the added strain that an addiction can place on […]

Is Virtual Visitation a Good Fit for You?

“Virtual visitation” is a way for parents to enjoy face-to-face interaction with their children through electronic means. The exact technology used to achieve this communication can include personal video conferences, video phones, and web cameras. The purpose of these visits is to enhance as well as sometimes act as a substitute for communicating in person.

Why […]

The Importance of Georgia Parenting Plans

Divorcing a spouse can be much more complex if you have children together. When children are involved, there are a number of things that must be addressed before you can finalize a divorce, including the creation of a parenting plan. A parenting plan is a document that details the agreement between a divorcing couple in […]

Getting Divorced After Being Married Only a Few Years

Couple who stay together for the first few years of marriage face much better odds that their marriage will last. The reality is that many fresh marriages end in divorce. Because divorces that occur early on in marriage involve a number of considerations that are distinct from divorces that occur later on in life, consider […]

Good Parenting Practices During the Divorce Process

Navigating a divorce is one of the most challenging things a person can do. While the event is difficult for adults, for children, divorce can create long-lasting challenges and emotional turmoil.

No matter the degree of animosity involved in your divorce proceedings, it is critical to be the best parent possible during this challenging time. The […]

Tips to Help Fathers Prepare for Custody Issues

Dads face a number of unique challenges during child custody disputes. One of the reasons the custody process is more difficult for fathers is that gender stereotypes persist in custody decisions. If you are a father seeking child custody, consider the following custody advice to make sure that your parental rights are protected.

Pay Attention to […]

Special Concerns About Smart Devices in Divorce Cases

Current statistics reveal that approximately 47% of Millennials already have smart devices in their homes. With the introduction of smart technology, there have been a number of features introduced into our lives that greatly help us perform a number of tasks. While smart technology helps people do things like change the channel on a television […]

Spying on Your Spouse During Divorce

The divorce process makes people do a number of less than respectable things to one another, which often include spying. In some situations, both spouses realize that a marriage is broken and that it is time to move on. Other times, however, one spouse is unaware that the other spouse wants to end the marriage. […]

How to Help Your Divorce Attorney do a Good Job

The divorce process involves a complex area of law; many unexpected issues can arise during the divorce process and divorce attorneys must juggle them all. By following the tips listed below, you can make sure that you help your divorce attorney provide you the best possible counsel during the divorce process.

Keep Your Emotions in […]

Tax Strategies for Divorce

When the emotions are taken out of it, the divorce process resembles the dissolution of a business contract. The elements of the contract of divorce that need to be resolved include distribution of assets, child custody, and child and spousal support. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 had a profound impact on how […]

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