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Advice on Preparing Early for a Divorce

It can be overwhelming to think about an impending divorce. Not only can the prospect of ending a marriage seem emotional, there are also a number of other obstacles that must be navigated during the divorce process. 

While there are some aspects of divorce you cannot prepare for, it is possible to prepare for some things. […]

Custody Issues for Alcoholic Parents

The children of parents who suffer from alcohol addiction can end up experiencing behavior difficulties, including anxiety and depression. This is because alcoholic parents frequently fail to provide children with an adequate degree of care. 

Parents with the most serious alcohol problems can act in an abusive or negligent way toward their children. It is often […]

Navigating Custody Issues as a Busy Parents

Many parents in Georgia have the difficult task of balancing their personal lives and their career aspirations. While some people are able to easily find a successful way to achieve this balance, other people discover that it is much more difficult to do so. 

If you are a parent whose work takes you away from home, […]

Navigating Back to School Issues as a Divorced Parent

Sending a child back to school can be challenging for divorced parents. If this is the first year that you lived apart, you are likely still struggling to figure out how to best juggle school and extracurricular activities this year. 

The following will review some of the steps that you can follow to make sure that […]

Co-Parenting Around a Protective Order

Protective orders most frequently result from domestic violence. These orders prevent people from engaging in certain types of conduct including contact made in person, over the phone, through email, by text, or through any other type of social communication. 

If a couple at the center of a protective order has children and the parent is not […]

Answers to Questions Commonly Asked by Children of Single Parents

There are a number of difficult jobs in this world. One difficult position is being a single parent to a child. The numerous challenges that single parents face can be compounded by the inquisitive nature of children. The following will review some of the answers that single parents can provide when asked difficult questions by […]

Reasons to Think Twice About Do-it-Yourself Divorce

Divorce is costly. In an effort to save money, some people attempt to finalize matters on their own. The reality is that there are a number of serious complications that can arise while attempting to handle a divorce on your own. The following lists some of the important risks that can arise when trying to […]

Letting Your Child Know He or She was Adopted

Adopting a child can be a powerful decision for everyone involved. While adoption brings joy and good things to many lives, there are some significant challenges presented by the adoption process. One of the biggest and most common challenges in adopting a child is deciding exactly when and how to inform a child that he […]

Ways to Save Money During Your Divorce

If you are navigating a divorce, it likely will come as no surprise to you that the process is expensive. This might even seem like a great understatement, but it is true. 

While learning how to successfully navigate a divorce can seem complex, there are some steps that you can follow to reduce expenses and make […]

Should You File for Divorce First?

If you have decided to file for divorce, you likely have a number of questions. Even when spouses both decide to end their relationship, there are some benefits provided by filing a petition to divorce first. 

This article reviews not only some of the advantages, but also disadvantages involved with filing first in a divorce.

The Advantages […]

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