Monthly Archives: August 2019

How Will Divorce Impact Your Retirement Plan?

Many people who go through a divorce discover that there are huge number of important decisions to make. Some of the most pressing of these issues include child custody, child support, and how marital property will be divided. With these numerous concerns, it is common to overlook some lesser-known things that are impacted by the […]

Petitioning for Temporary Guardianship

One of the important aspects of caring and supporting children is to make certain that they are watched over by someone who can care for them. When emergencies occur involving child custody, it is understandable that you would like to act immediately to make sure that your child receives adequate care. The following will review […]

How are Household Items Treated in a Divorce?

As you proceed through a divorce, one of the greatest challenges that presents itself is how to extricate yourself from your former spouse and continue living the best life possible. While the process is a painful and often personal one, there are a number of decisions that come with it, including how assets should be […]

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