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Understanding How Divorce Impacts College-Aged Children

One of the most common myths about divorce is that it only negatively affects extremely young children. In reality, regardless of the child’s age, divorce among parents has the potential to result in devastating and long-lasting complications. Children are still learning and developing when they go to college, and the end of a parent’s marriage […]

Spend More Time With Your Children After a Divorce

Divorce is one of the most trying times many families will go through. While all divorces are emotionally challenging, when young children are involved, they can be particularly difficult. Children must contend with the uncertainty and stress brought on by major changes in nearly all aspects of their lives. If handled inappropriately, divorce can have […]

Ways to Improve Your Relationship with Your Children after a Divorce

Many parents who navigate the divorce process discover that it brings them closer than ever to their children. Understandably, parents want to do whatever they can after the end of a marriage to improve and deepen the relationships they have with their children. 

Fortunately, there are a number of positive steps that you can take after […]

Tips for Dads During Divorce

There are numerous myths that people have about divorce. One of the most incorrect assumptions about this process is that there is such a thing as a typical divorce. In reality, every divorce is unique and there are several ways that a marriage can end. There are also a variety of types of family structures. 

While […]

Understanding How Divorce Might Interfere with Your Credit Score

Divorce is not easy. For one reason, divorce results in many challenging emotions. It is common to end up feeling afraid and insecure about the future. After all, divorce often causes a person’s living situation to change in several ways. One of the changes that people often fail to consider, however, is that divorce can […]

Ways to Protect Your Children During a Divorce

There are many reasons that couples decide to end a marriage. Couples often feel several different and complex emotions about one another during the separation process. Some spouses realize that they have simply grown apart and now want different things. Other times, spouses love one another but do not wish to remain married. Other times, […]

Ways to Avoid Having Children Navigate the Court Process

It is recognized that resolving issues about parenting time, custody, or other parental rights has the potential to disrupt the lives of children. It is common for litigation of this kind to cause children experience depression, decreased self-esteem, and an increased risk of mental illness later on in life. Additionally, the stress and costs associated […]

What is the Best Visitation Schedule for Young Children?

Parents are full of concerns for their children, and with good cause. Many things can potentially harm your child. This is even truer when your child is still under the age of 2 and a half. This vital time in child development is when children form close bonds with their parents and realize that a […]

How Child Custody is Determined When Parents are Unmarried

Deciding to end a relationship is not easy. The numerous challenges that are known to arise afterward are not easy, either. This situation proves to be more difficult if the couple has a child together. While it is often easy to determine who should get a relative’s china or other small possessions, it can be […]

Divorcing an Abusive Spouse

Physical scars might heal, but the mental wounds of spousal abuse often last for much longer. Approximately four million people each year in the United States are directly harmed by domestic violence. A much larger number of people including children, family members, and employers also have their lives disrupted annually due to domestic violence. Statistics […]

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