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Child Support and Georgia Farm Families

Regardless of whether you live on a farm in Georgia or in the middle of downtown Atlanta, child support in the state is calculated based on the income as well as qualified deductions of both parents. While the calculation of child support payments might seem simple and straightforward, it is often a complex process for […]

Farm Succession Planning and Georgia Divorces

If you are a Georgia farm owner, you likely have plans for how ownership of your farm will transfer after your death. Estate planning involving family farms can be substantially changed by divorce. As a result, divorcing farmers should consider the following factors when negotiating how assets should transfer after a divorce. 

Consider Passing on Ownership […]

Identifying Assets in Farm Family Prenuptials

Many people still view prenuptial agreements as something that should not be part of a marriage. In reality, Georgia farmers can benefit from realizing that prenuptial agreements are a type of insurance that can provide helpful assistance in case a marriage does not last. These agreements merely help to make sure that each party leaves […]

Keeping the Family Farm Intact During a Georgia Divorce

Farms play an important role in the lives of many Georgia families. Current data reveals that Georgia has 9.9 million acres devoted to farms, which equates to more than 42,000 individual farms. While it might seem challenging, some Georgia farmers who end up divorcing are ultimately able to keep their farms. Even though it might […]

Family Issues and Georgia Farm Animals

Ranking fourth among the states with the most farms, Georgia is home to 78,000 farms, which cover 34.2 million acres of land. Unfortunately, Georgia also sees many divorces. When farmers divorce, there are often animal issues involved. As technology continues to advance, more farmers will likely be left with the issue of not only how […]

What Expenses Georgia Child Support Covers

Despite the complex emotions involved, the divorce process involves several routine, practical steps. While there are things like the receipt of a divorce summons and the separation of assets, couples also must determine how the welfare of their children will be maintained after the divorce. While some divorces proceed relatively smoothly and parents can agree […]

Three Things You Cannot Include in a Prenuptial Agreement

If you are engaged or are debating marriage, you likely have considered whether a prenuptial agreement is right for you. Prenuptial agreements are valuable for keeping a person’s assets as well as debts separate from those of a future spouse. While some people see prenuptial agreements as unromantic, they serve a much more practical purpose […]

Creating Your Divorce Settlement Agreement

Divorce is a challenging process to navigate. Many people at the end of a marriage find themselves facing emotions like nervousness, fear, and sadness. Given the large number of marriages that end each year, however, a huge number of people are forced to struggle through these emotions.

One of the most challenging parts of a divorce […]

How to Successfully Parent From a Distance

If you live down the street from your child and share parenting time, it can be difficult. If you live several states away, however, it can feel impossible at times. Separated families who live far away from one another are often placed in the difficult position creating successful parenting plans. 

While no one strategy works best, […]

What to do After Receiving a Georgia Divorce Summons

Some people anticipate the receipt of a divorce summons, while others are completely surprised. In addition to being surprised, it is also common to end up feeling overwhelmed, frightened, and sad after receiving the document. Because it is often difficult to determine how to respond when a Georgia divorce summons lands in your hands, the […]

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