Monthly Archives: December 2019

The Value of Custody Logs

Whether it is divorce or one of several other areas of family law in which child visitation is involved, many people are uncertain about the value of custody logs. You might wonder why it is even necessary to keep a written list of visitation details as well as keys events. Not only is the value […]

Avoid These Mistakes During a Divorce

Most people know that divorce is a complex time. Not only can it be difficult to navigate family law, but it can also be just as challenging to decide what you should and should not do as you end your marriage. When you consider things like child custody, spousal support, and the division of property, […]

Common Financial Reasons Why Couples Divorce

Financial troubles are one of the most common reasons why couples divorce. This is because financial difficulties or disagreements can create a great deal of stress in a marriage, particularly if each spouse has different spending habits. The following will address just some of the most common financial challenges that cause couples to divorce.

Different Approaches […]

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