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How to Weigh Divorce Advice

Most people appreciate that the divorce process is a traumatic and challenging one. After all, divorce impacts nearly all important aspects of a person’s life including their commitment to their spouse, their assets, and their children. Regardless of whether you have been thinking about divorce for a long or short time, divorce does not formally […]

Six Indicators Divorce is Imminent

Most marriages begin with hope for what lies ahead. As time proceeds, however, some couples begin to question why they are in a relationship. If you are considering what life without your partner would be like, it might be time to get a divorce. This article reviews some other factors that indicate it might be […]

Lessons Learned From Netflix’s Marriage Story

Released towards the end of 2019, the film Marriage Story tells the story of a family going through a divorce. The movie received critical praise and was even nominated for an Oscar. Unlike a lot of Hollywood films, Marriage Story manages to get a lot of things in its story correct. The following article reviews […]

The Coronavirus and Your Divorce

If you have logged onto social media or picked up a newspaper recently, you have likely read something about the Coronavirus. You are also likely somewhere between uneasy to afraid of what will happen as the number of confirmed Coronavirus cases increases. The Centers for Disease Control have already warned Americans to prepare for an […]

Tips on Keeping the House After a Divorce

One of the biggest financial decisions that many people must make as they navigate the divorce process is what will be done with the house. Whatever decision is reached, it will almost certainly have a substantial impact on your life. While some couples decide to sell the house and split the proceeds, other couples decide […]

Three Critical Mistakes to Avoid While Filing for Divorce

The beginning of the year is a common time for many couples to decide to end their marriages. Because divorce is one of the most challenging decisions that most people make, it is important to ensure that your interests are fully protected during the process. 

There are various pitfalls that can occur when filing for divorce, […]

Advice on Juggling Custody Rights and Your Career

Whether you are the primary breadwinner in your family or part of a dual-income household, you are likely concerned that your career might result in diminished time with your children after a divorce or that divorce might negatively impact your career. Many times, parents face challenges in arguing they should be awarded more parenting time […]

Four Things to Consider Before Getting Married

Getting married permanently changes your future. Not only does it add a new level of commitment, but marriage also results in additional legal and financial complications. While some of these financial changes are immediately noticeable, others are not. To better prepare people for the various issues that can arise as a result of marriage, the […]

How to Begin Healing After an Unexpected Divorce

Divorce is a challenging process that has the potential to bring out the absolute worst in people. Even if you did not see a divorce coming, there are some helpful strategies that you can follow to begin the healing process. 

You should approach a divorce with the understanding that not all pain lasts forever. Many people […]

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